Friday, November 7, 2008

Friday, Nov. 7, 2008 1:19 AM

80,000 HITS!!!!!!

Will did sooooooo good today. Thank you, God. He walked all around the nurses' desk. That might be his longest walk yet!!!! They have him sitting up most the day and he was off the vent for almost-----drum roll, please--------12 hours. He didn't not have any more fever after I left and he's breathing easier. The doctors and the kidney doctor got together and decided that he might be needing more dialysis than he's getting now. So they did dialysis today, even though they did it yesterday also. They took 4 liters of fluid off, yesterday it was 3 liters. Then they will do more tomorrow and either Saturday or Sunday. He was turning in some rather high numbers on his kidney numbers so they are trying to keep them down. That could be what's turning him around. After all this time you would think that we would be use to Will doing things all messed up.

So I can't wait to get up there for this weekend. I will have Will take me out dancing one night. (That's what I told him on the phone tonight). He said even if he was feeling better he wouldn't do that. Kids can be so cruel (I think he's been around Coach too long). This will be a great weekend even without the dancing. Tom will come home and check on his horse. He was so excited about Will this morning doing all that walking. It was good to hear Tom's voice so upbeat.

Angel and Aaron were up visiting Will tonight. Tom went back to my dad's early to try to catch up on some sleep he missed last night. Brenda (Coach's sister and a good friend of the family) finally got to come up and see Will this morning. I know Will was looking forward to it a lot. She's just one of those people that you feel good just being around.

So here comes the weekend! I hope the snow stays away. I pray that Will continues his fantastic progress. I hope the friends from the U of U are reading this and know that he's doing better. I can't believe how many people read this blog.

Thanks for all the prayers and God bless


Culley's said...

It is so great to hear that you are doing so well. You and your family are such an inspiration to me. Keep up the good work.
I will pray tomorrow will be another great day for you and that you get to feeling better and better each and every day. Wow 80,000 hits. You are loved!

Haneys said...

WOOOHOOO! Will, dancing is so good for you...I feel like dancing now, too...maybe I'll dance vicariously for you! I pray for a wonderful weekend ahead for you and hope to find more good news in the days to come...Oh, and Christi has been deemed the messenger...she's supposed to bring hugs from the Haneys (she's always been good at hugging). I wish we could express to you how badly we want to do that ourselves, but it's GREAT to know that your surrounded by good huggers who can substitue for distant huggers.

Coach said...

Will, congratulations on the progress you are making. I am not surprised because I have seen you for years do things that amaze me.
We have always wondered about your Mother's sanity well I think she finally proved to us all she is nuts !!! Saying Brenda makes people feel good, come on !!!! She didn't have to grow up with her like Brent and I did. At least she didn't bring all of her grandkids up to see you. That would have set you and your Dad back a couple of months. The next thing your Mom is going to tell us is that Kim is a great shooting coach !!!
Will, I need to have you pray for me on Sat. since I will be spending it with Ms. Gregg, Ms. Wallace (McDonald) and Mrs. Fobes. I did hear they are going to have extra scurity this weekend.
Keep up the hard work and I will see you Tuesday.
P.S. Terri, please try and keep Will healthy until Dr. Tom gets back Sunday night.

Lthsldy said...

Will - You know who the extra security is for and it isn't for Mrs. Fobes, Ms. Gregg, or myself . . .

Be sure you are saying prayers for the ones who really need it.

I look forward to reading about your continued progress!!!


mike_babbel said...

I was so glad to see you get closer to home. You all are so inspiring to so many people wow 80000 hits! I think of you often and wish you the best. If you are in Salt Lake and Need ANYTHING call Kim or I.