Monday, November 3, 2008

Monday Nov. 3, 2008 1:05 AM

We had a great surprise tonight. Our nephews, Noah and Elliott (Christi's sons) came up to see Will. They didn't get up here until after 8:30 but we were able to sneak them in the back way. (It pays to know people) We haven't seen them since before we left to go to Salt Lake so it's been over a year. They have grown so much!!! Will was very happy to see them. They had to catch us up with about a years worth of news. They had been waiting patiently to be able to visit Will. They are such special guys and they got a pretty special mom too.
Earlier we had other visitors-Kim and Richard White. They are our next door neighbors. This is a great story: Kim is now joining the ranks of basketball coaching so when she came in and got all settled she was so excited to finally talk to Will about coaches "stuff." Will asks what she has been doing in practice and Kim starts to tell him. About midway through her first sentence, she looks up and Will is sound asleep. That was so funny and if any of you know Kim, that didn't stop her. She just kept talking. I finally felt sorry for her and took her on a walk. That made me laugh all night. (Coach-no jokes please, her feelings are hurt :)
The day wasn't that great for Will, except for the wonderful company. He's not feeling well and he sure needs dialysis. He's itching and having trouble breathing. I don't know that three days a week is enough for dialysis. We will visit with the doctor about that today. Besides, the darn Cowboys lost to the Giants. Wasn't a pretty loss either, I think Dallas forgot to get on the plane. So not a good day, but tomorrow will be better for Will. I didn't want to come home tonight, it seems that the weekend goes by so fast. I will be going back up there on Wednesday.
God bless and have a great Monday


Coach said...

Will, thanks for making my day !!!
We all know it is sooo easy to fall asleep when Kim is talking to you. How do you think Richard gets to sleep at night.
I think the Cowboys better play the Broncos if they want a win.
I hope you have a good week and I'll see you in a couple of days.

Haneys said...

GREAT to see that the boys got a visit! Seeing the pics of you all together will make my day! Hope the week goes by smoothly and the weekend comes fast!
Lots of love!

Lthsldy said...

Kim - have no fear. Will heard every word and will be developing a plan for you soon. From experience, I can tell you that having Will on your side as a coaching mentor is a most splendid thing.

I hate to say this, but the mentorship that Randy and Will gave me during my days of coaching were priceless. (Oh that hurt to give Randy a compliment!)

Will - again thank you for all you did and continue to do for the coaching profession. You truly are a saint of the courts.

I'm headed off to San Diego for a week, but intend to get over very soon to steal your Mom away for a minute or two if she has it. Dave will have to keep me posted on your daily status.