Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Nov. 26, 2008 Wed.

Will made it to St. Als, the hospital and had all the tests run. It took about an hour and a half. Susan, our RT, went with him and Tom too. Tom was able to stay with Will and he kept him entertained. When he got back to the room he rested for a few minutes and had a visitor, Diane Perkins. Then a little bit later Coach Steve Irons, a friend of Will's came up. I don't know if Steve is still a coach somewhere, but that's how Will knows him so he will always be Coach Irons to us. He brought up a couple of presents for Will and Will wants me to thank Coach Rogers, the College of Southern Idaho coach, for the gifts. Steve, it was great that you came up and visited. Will really enjoyed it.

Billie, his cousin, showed up after work to visit a little bit. We are going to have our Thanksgiving dinner delivered to the hospital by Billie and the whole family, if they are healthy. That will be a great picture op, right? Coach and Donna are going to come up tomorrow and visit for awhile.

We won't know anything about the vein mapping until tomorrow or the next day. I thought we would know today, but silly me, I forgot about hospital time that falls under the word "soon." The definition of "soon" is sometime in the next century or so, just teasing of course. Hey, it's all good and we will be all together. Angel and Aaron will be up to Boise and having Thanksgiving with Aaron's parents. They will be visiting with Will, too.

I will be leaving when I wake up in the morning. I will have five days with Will. Whoopee.
Hope everyone is getting ready for the good turkey day.
God bless

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Toni Mendive said...

Please know that my first "Thank You" to Our Father tomorrow (as it's been every day in 2008) will be for the blessings and strength he's bestowed upon you and your family.
Happy Thanksgiving!