Friday, November 21, 2008

Sat, Nov. 22, 2008

Here is a couple of Will's teachers from high school that are good friends of mine also. They were excited about seeing Will, but I think Will was even more excited. Pam Wallace (married name goes here, but it's late and I have forgotten it because she moved away from Hagerman before she got married so she will always be Miss Wallace around Hagerman) is trying to fix Will's computer. The other one on her right is Lynette Gregg and she taught Will math and how to cheat at cards but that's another story altogether. They were very close to Will and it was so good to finally have them up to visit us.
Here is the cutest part of our family. Yes, it's Aaron!! No, I mean the kids, although Aaron is pretty darn cute. They were playing with the books and helping Uncle Will read about a girl that turns pink. I thought that was a good one to share with Uncle Will LOL. They will be back tomorrow or the day after.

We had another visitor from Will's coaching Hagerman boys days. Andy Stevenson came by to visit but it was during dialysis and he was very tired. I hope Andy comes by again because Will would have like t visit with him more. Before dialysis, he went downstairs and worked on his balance.

But the best news is....................................Will asked to have the vent taken out of his room. I wrote that for all our wonderful RT's at the University of Utah that tried and tried but he just wasn't ready for that to happen. So he has had another milestone (so many these last two weeks). The vent is no longer in the room and he says he's not going back on it. So he won't! (plain and simple). Praise God for all the blessings He is showering down on Will.

Tomorrow, Will is getting some "surprise" visitors. Don't worry everyone, they have been told that no one, no one, will go in Will's room if they have been sick, thinking about getting sick, or have been around other sickies.

Just another side note, Will's massage therapist, I mean nurse, is back from her cruise to Mexico and she's been telling us all about it. Will missed her so he's happy and he's all ready for bed now that she's given him his nightly massage. Teresa couldn't believe how he's changed in the 10 days she's been gone. I can't beleive the change either.

I will have some great pictures tomorrow for you. So stay tuned.
God bless


Culley's said...

Way to go Will. What an inspiration you are. I know you will make great strides now. You definately follow what you teach.
A lot of hard work and perserverance really gets you were you want to go. May you feel the love sent out to you from all of us and may it help build strength in you. I have the "Rocky's" theme playing in my head right now.
Unstoppable. Blessings to you & your family.

Lthsldy said...

It was so good to visit with you. I'm sure everyone is about ready to throw that computer out the window. As I've always said, I know just enough about them to be dangerous and without a mouse, I'm lethal. I did check the magnifier on my machine and the window only expands to half the screen. Let me know if you need any more "help," and I'll jet right over--you'll probably be back in Hagerman by that time.

Enjoy all the visitors you are going to be having. You deserve it.

We'll all pray for continued strength and no trach! You're going home soon, my dear friend!

Linette and I will be back again. I might even introduce your mom to Dave.

(Jason and those inquiring minds- FYI lthsldy stands for Light House Lady.)