Saturday, November 29, 2008

11/29/08 Saturday

Today we had visitors from home. Keri Peterson (Andrus) came by with her family. You might remember that Will and she were best friends all through school. She now is an assistant coach in Jerome so she keeps Will up on all the news from Will's girls' team. Keelie and Will were playing rock, paper, scissors. I think Will was cheating. LOL Kara was just watching, she doesn't like that game.

This morning we had a surprise visitor, Tyler, and his dad, Curt Osborne. They came up for the BSU game and Tyler was all dressed out with the team's colors. He's such a doll.

Will finally got to show me what he does downstairs in the therapy room. He has come a long way. Joel, Will's therapist, told me that he thinks of Will a lot, even on his off days. He says Will gives him more appreciation for the little things that he does. For Will, it's a major production and you really can come to take it for granted--like breathing. He was telling me things and it really touched me. Will is still spreading good things out there.

One of the things he does is get down on a workout table and kneel on both knees. No one is holding him, this is for balance. He has to stay up for a minute, it doesn't sound like a lot but Will is sweating and breathing very, very hard when he gets done. Joel was telling me that every time that he sets a goal for Will, he achieves it. That's such a tribute to Will. It does this mother's heart good to hear such touching things, because I know he's amazing.

He had dialysis again today and they got another four liters. He breathes so much better after that. Tom is back in Hagerman and he's going to the Jerome girls' basketball game against Bishop Kelly tomorrow night. They should have it webcast so Will can listen to it, hopefully.

P.S. Will misses all his friends in Utah and wants me to say hi from him--so HI

Have a great Saturday and God bless.


tora said...

Thanks for thinking of us...IMCU checks out your blog all the time and love to see your progress. Hope you had a great Turkey day!. Keep up the good work.


Coach said...

Will, I know how you set goals and reach them. You have done that since I have known you. You were not suppose to be able to play an entire game of basketball but you did. You not only played you made All-Conference your senior year and played in a state tournament your junior year and played on the varsity as a sophomore.
I know Joel is pushing you but he can keep pushing and setting goals for you and you will keep reaching those goals. Keep working hard.
I'll see you Tuesday.

KP said...

Hey Will! Keeli wanted me to tell you that she wants a rematch! The family & I thoroughly enjoyed our visit last night. Thank you, Will!Have a GREAT day today...Go J.L.T!

Jessica said...

Awesome pics!!! It is SO good to see familiar faces.. I miss Keri a lot! Curt your little guy is getting SO big.. amazing how fast time goes!