Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Wednesday July 9 1:30 am

Today was a resting day. Will wasn't feeling too energetic and that's to be expected sometimes. So he was able to take today off. He did have an xray and Dr. Cahill was very pleased with how his lungs are looking. He walked a little bit but other than that, he slept. He didn't go down to rehab on the bike but they will try to get him to go down on Thursday. The kidney drs. said they might not do dialysis today. We will see what his blood work comes back with. They might be able to give him a break from it until Friday. Today will be a better day for sure.

I wanted to share this picture with you all. My daughter's stepdaughter (in the towel) went to church camp today. They were supposed to be praying. How cute that is. Carson, the little boy next to Candace is trying so hard not to peek, but he is, so Candace decided not to let him look at her. The other kids are just not with it yet. Isn't that a sweet picture. Kids are just the most precious things in life.

God bless the little ones and God bless the big ones too.

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Brenda said...

Thanks for sharing the picture. It is so cute. I hope you get to rest when Will rests. Don't forget that you need it too. We will continue our prayers and we love the great job you do on the blog every day.