Friday, July 25, 2008

July 26, 2008 Saturday 12:15 am

The weekend is here. I can hear the celebrating, I think everybody was ready for the time off.
Will did pretty good today. He walked twice and stayed on the trach mask for 7 1/2 hours. That's so much better than what he has been doing. The only thing growing out of the blood culture is that strep b. They have already started treating him for that. They also found another bug and it could have been causing him to swell even though the dialysis is working. They have started him on another antibiotic for that bug. Dr. Cahill, the sweet, patient, caring doctor she is said that within 24-48 hours he should be feeling better---then she told Will that's all the "bumps" so maybe Will will listen to Dr. Cahill since he won't listen to me.

Tom came back this morning and Angel left this afternoon. Revolving door around here. Just kidding. It's 104 here in Salt Lake today. HOT!

Kim and Richard came up for the weekend and are spending it visiting the Harbison family. That's so nice. We had a good visit today with Carrie and Judy. Tomorrow(or today however you look at it) will bring Coach and he's bringing a high school buddy, Jason Warr to see Will. They will sit around the bed and talk basketball or some other sport until they all run out of breath. Will's so ready for that. So tomorrow will be a great day even with the dialysis.

I hope everyone is spending time with their family on this wonderful weekend. Have fun and laugh a lot.

God bless

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