Sunday, July 6, 2008

July 7, 2008 Monday 12:15 am

The picture above is with Will's cousin, Billie and Matt, my buddy (also Billie's husband). They were so excited to see Will this weekend. Just in the time they were here, they were able to see how much he has changed. Everyday is something better and better.

The picture below is when Sadie decided she liked "Uncle" Will well enough that she will bestow a kiss on his cheek. It was so cute. They left about two this afternoon.
Now the big news, the drs. decided since they are suctioning everything and anything out of his stomach all the time, that it wouldn't hurt for him to have a little Pepsi every now and then. Will could hardly wait for the dr. to get out of the room before we had to run and get him one. Look at his face. He was in Heaven.

Angel and Aaron had a great time this weekend when they took Candace camping. I will have to put some pictures of that up on the blog too when Angel sends them to me.
Dr. Cahill said that she thinks Will might just meet his goal of being in the apt. by the end of July!!! What great news. Then it won't be long when we will be bringing him home. It just doesn't seem real.
While Billie was here she took some videos of Will walking and stuff. She's going to edit some of the video and then I will give her my code to get on here and she will upload them to the blog. You will be able to see him moving. Technology is amazing.
Well, our life is looking so wonderful and we hope all of you are having a wonderful time too. God just keeps showering all our friends and family with such great blessings.
God bless


Judy said...

Good Monday Morning Harbisons -

The pictures are GREAT. Will, you are looking GREAT. Keep up all the good work and we will see you in a couple of weeks. We LOVE you lots and keep you in our prayers.

Love, Layne and Judy

Coach said...

Will, it is great seeing you with a Pepsi in your hand. You are looking like the old Will Harbison.
Thanks for helping the Yanks get a couple of wins this weekend.
I'll see you Friday with your winnings.
The neighborhood is noisy again. Kim is home. It is nice having Richard back. (and Kim)

Lthsldy said...

Seems that things are looking up for my Hagerman friends. I continue to thank our gracious Lord for the gifts he has given us. A Pepsi in the hand is a sure-fire indicator that you are on your way out that hospital door.

Congratulations, Will. Take all the $$ you can get out of Randy!

Keep up the good work.

Somer Love said...


I am so glad you got to have a Pepsi your smile is priceless! I posted a special blog for you on my blog today!! It ties in with the pepsi!

I am so happy for you I am so proud of you !!!!

You truly are my super hero!