Thursday, July 24, 2008

Thursday July 24, 2008 1:48 am

Today is the Days of '47 here in Salt Lake City. I don't quite know what will happen but I do know they have fireworks tonight all over. Lagoon has them and so does Sugar House. Our youth from our home church are coming up to Lagoon tomorrow for two days so they will be able to experience the festivities. Then all the nurses are telling me that it isn't a good idea to be on the roads because there are so many parades going on. I guess the safe place is to stay in the hospital. Maybe we can escape from the room and find a good window to view the fireworks. That would be fun.

Some of Will's tests aren't back yet but they should be tomorrow. It did grow out some strep in blood but that's not the same kind as we get in our throat (maybe the same family of bug??) He will have dialysis today and they want to take another 4 liters off. Today he did walk out in the hall once but then he's been asleep most of the rest of the day. Angel is kind of disappointed because he's not in the "visiting" mood. They did watch the Mets game tonight and then while he slept, Angel and I watched a "chick flick." It's so much fun for us when she comes up. Will gets so bored with just us. She'll go home on Friday and then on Saturday Coach will come up.

Some of you remember my niece, Missy, needing surgery to fix the one remaining kidney she has left. They did that today and I feel real bad because I thought it was tomorrow and I was going to ask for prayers for her. Well, she made it through surgery just fine and now she will be in the hospital a few days then home. They think they found all the kidney stones and got them out of there. It was a weird surgery because they went through her back to get to them and it was a four hour surgery. So she could use some healing prayers. Thank you for those.

Well, pray for those blood tests to come back negative so after dialysis Will can just rest and then he can get up and running. Maybe not know what I mean. Tom called me tonight from home and I asked what he was doing. He said he was just sitting on his horse enjoying the peace and quiet. He really needs to get home more often. He went to a church picnic and saw quite a few friends (especially the ones with babies). Lots of fun there.

God bless


Jessica said...

Hey Will, Terri, and Angel,
Hope you get to see some fireworks tonight. Sounds like fun! Went and helped a friend pack today that's moving to NC. Sure going to miss her... but I think Jesalyn and Mason will keep her coming back. She let Jesalyn keep some toys at our house until she "moves back". So cute... of course Jesalyn is all excited.
Lots of prayers for you and your family.
Talk to you soon,

LESLIE said...

Hi Willie,

Just letting you all know I love you and your in my prayers :)