Wednesday, July 16, 2008

July 16, 2008 Wednesday 12:30 am

I thought I would put this on the blog so we have something cute to look at.
This is Candace, Aaron's daughter and their puppy. Angel is loving being a step-mother.

We will just put this day down as "thank goodness it's over" because that's how it was. Will had a terrible night and then he just felt awful all day. I am sure almost all of his trouble is because of the tube feeds not being on. His headache hasn't left yet either but he has gotten his meds back in the feeding tube so that means he can have some pain meds that work. He has been sleeping most the evening and hopefully he will sleep through the night. He needs the rest. Then tomorrow he will be so much better.

We will plan to get him up and move him several times today . He wasn't able to get up yesterday, if fact, the dialysis came to his room instead of us going downstairs. We take his bed and everything when we go down to dialysis but he can't go down on a vent. He needed his vent all day today so he couldn't go down. Which was good for today. They took off only one liter of fluid.

Everything will be improved by the time he wakes up in the morning. God has His reason for all this and all we need to do is just put our trust in Him. Good things will come.
God bless

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