Thursday, July 3, 2008

July 3, 2008 Thursday 1:37 am

It's almost Fourth of July. I love the fireworks. We are going to try to find where there is a good spot to see them from the hospital and then hopefully we will be able to take Will out of the ICU and we can watch them.

They started Will's dialysis about 7:45 this morning. That isn't good because then the whole day seems to be wasted because Will is so tired from all that. We did get him up and walking tonight about 10 pm and he gave it his best shot. He didn't walk as long as he did yesterday but that is to be expected. He did do a t-trial for 11 hours. I never thought we would get to this place where he is doing that for this long. Maybe he's finally beginning to trust his new lungs. They did take another 4 liters off him today. I will try to get another picture up on the blog really soon. He's just shrinking before our eyes.

They did another doppler (ultrasound) of his blood clot in his neck. It hasn't really changed at all. They were hoping it would be dissolving by now. The good news is that there isn't any more. The drs. decided that they would stop the heparin drip and just do shots in the belly three times a day. Will wasn't very happy because they are very painful, but it has to be done.

Will is expecting some company this weekend. He's really excited and I will have great pictures then to show you.

We got some really good news about Richard White but I need to ask Kim if I can share it on the blog when I talk to her in the morning. She sure has some funny stories about them being in the big city of Houston. Talk about country hicks, so maybe we need to pray for them to make it back here safely.

People are beginning to leave SLC to go off to the mountains where they will bump into everybody else from SLC. I don't know if I could camp like that, practically on top of each other. Anyway if any of you are going camping, have fun and be safe. Angel and Aaron are going to take Candace, Aaron's daughter, camping. I can't wait to see the pictures.

Oh I forget, they had a bomb scare at the hospital today. For about four hours nobody was allowed in or out of the hospital. They finally did a sweep with bomb sniffing dogs and it was just a hoax but it was kind of scary for a while. The news crews were all over outside. The police weren't letting anyone up the hill. They told us if they found anything they would have to evacuate the hospital. How would they get these patients out of ICU??? There is some very, very sick people here. I hope they catch the sicko that called it in. I do thank God that it was just a hoax. Exciting times in the big city.

God bless


Somer Love said...

okay best place to watch fireworks is on the 4th floor on the bridge you will be able to see downtowns and sugarhouse fireworks maybe even more.

Wow a bomb scare!! That would be scary! Glad it was just a prank.

I am glad you are going off the heparin drip. I had to do those shots in my belly.... Levoquin I think is what its called. Not fun and they sting a bit but you will get use to it make sure you pinch lots of skin before inserting the needle it makes it hurt less and alternate sides.

11 hours is amazing!!!! I am do proud of you Will keep on keeping on!!!!


Mindy Lou said...

Man I LOVE the Harbison family, all of them. It's easy to keep a smile when you are around any of them. Funny peps...

Nice work Will, you just really like impressing each of us every day.