Sunday, July 13, 2008

Sunday July 13, 2008 7:15 am

Sorry I am so late with this. It was one of those nights where I thought I had done it already and I didn't check. I hope I didn't have anyone worried (Kim).

Yesterday was a rough day for Will. It started too early for him with dialysis. They did take FOUR liters off which made him feel better with his breathing. Right before he went down the nurse noticed that his GJ tube came out. That's the tube inside his stomach tube that is threaded down to his lower intestine for his feeds and medicines. This is done so he can't aspirate it into his lungs again. So they worked on it-several different times by several different doctors (all thinking they have a better way, bless their hearts). By the time he was done with dialysis, he was so worn out and feeling sick. Then he had no way of taking any of his meds, so Dr. Cahill tried to get the tube down his nose but it wouldn't go. I don't know why. Now we are about five in the afternoon. They couldn't put another one in unless it's life and death because they have to call the surgery team in. It isn't life and death but to spend two days without meds and feeds can be dangerous. They were able to convert some of the most important meds into IVs and they can give them to him like that. So that's good but he doesn't have any way to get nutrition. But Monday they will take him in as soon as they can.

I just wish Will would quit doing this the hard way. So does Dr. Cahill. Today we will still try to get him up and walk. He wasn't able to walk yesterday but he did do well on his trach trial-10 hours-so that's gooooood. Maybe the walk will make him feel better.

Monday should see things improve. Pray for that please. I hope everyone has a great Sunday spending time thanking God for all the wonderful blessings he has given us all. We are sure blessed here.

God bless and thanks for the prayers

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