Friday, July 18, 2008

New Look July 18, 2008 Friday 1:20 am

Kim told me that my blog was looking boring so I decided to try to spice it up a little. I might change it often now that I know how. I hope you all enjoy it. I finally figured out how to put a picture on it.

Today started with Will going downstairs to the GI lab and getting another feeding tube put in. This one was done by the head dr. (I don't mean a doctor for the head, I mean the main doctor). He told me he put it in 40 cm further than the last one. Tauna (head transplant nurse)went into the room with him. Maybe that kept them on their toes. She's very protective of Will. This one is in for sure (I think). They started feeding him this afternoon a little at a time just to see if it's going to work. So far, so good.

During dialysis today he got a couple units of blood. He was needing this transfusion and now he should be getting some of his strength back shortly. He slept the day away again. But he won't be today. Today Coach is making his weekly trip down to see Will. Coach is retired so I don't know how he is paying the gas prices but I won't ask because when Coach or Brent come down it seems like one of Will's weekly highlights, come to think of it, it might be his only highlight. Coach will be making Will run his usual lines (not really, it just feels like it to Will). Brent will be here either tonight or tomorrow. So Will will be getting his walking in for sure.

Now we should be up and running again. Dr. Cahill came in and told Will to start working hard again and he could still make his goal of being in his apt. by the end of July. I was shocked because I know this last week has really knocked Will back on his bu......I mean posterior. (G-rated blog at all times). God is awesome in what He is doing in all our lives.

God bless


Anonymous said...

Good Morning Family,
I feel like I haven't been on in SO long that you probably don't even remember who I am. lol
What a crazy summer it all has been! After our awesome visit in Idaho, we came home and helped with the planning and events for Martin's family reunion. We had 78 people here for his grandma's 90th birthday. It was really awesome! Four of my step-dad's brothers and sisters were able to make it, so it was great to catch up with them (that is 4 out of 13 kids, could you imagine Terri?!?)
We made a scrapbook for Grammy, which was really neat and included all of her kids, grandkids' weddings, and pages full of her great-grandkids photos.
Unfortunately, when we got home Martin had to go right back to work and he asked me to re-mulch our front flower beds. Well, you know me, I couldn't just do that - I had my father-in-law out with me putting sprinklers in, we built a brick wall around our front tree and put in a bunch of plants as well. Looked really awesome when we were done but kicked my bottom (that's what my dad makes me say Terri, lol) in this heat.
Friday was a family BBQ and I made a sheet cake for it - all red, white, and blue for our family summer birthdays. The hall and park we rented had basketball courts, so we played a little 3 on 3. You can only imagine how great that felt, especially when I started hitting 3's! Martin has a cousin that just turned 18 and graduated high school, a couple summer's ago we played a game and I whooped him, so he said that wasn't going to happen anymore?!? Two games later, he was worse off then when he started - yep the old lady still has it! Can't wait for our class reunion next summer... Can you believe 10 years?!
Well, I love you all and there wasn't a day that went by that I didn't think about you and say a prayer!
Will, you are amazing! Keep up the outstanding job and have a great day with Coach...

Anonymous said...

Well I finally had a chance to catch up on all the reading and days that I missed! Wow Will you have been going through a lot. I absolutely loved the video and pictures of you with the kiddos. How sweet they both are! The pictures of Candace were outstanding too, thanks for sharing Terri!
Know that we are thinking about you often and praying for your move to the apartment to happen soon.
I know I've said it before, but you are ALL so amazing and we are blessed to have you in our lives!