Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Tuesday July 8, 2008 12:22 am

Will's day started so early and for those of you that really know Will, he just doesn't do early. They got him up and told him that he had about 10 minutes before he had to go downstairs for dialysis. I know Dr. Cahill was going to try to get them to take Will in the afternoon so that he could exercise and walk in the morning. She just didn't have time to get the arranged. It takes about three hours and another half hour for transporting. So he wasn't up to much walking or anything else today. He just kind of slept the day away and he's still sleeping tonight.

Tomorrow they are going to get him about 9:15 and take him down to rehab and let him try the bike. That will be a good indication if he's ready for some different types of exercise. I hope he can at least do a few minutes on the bike. We need to do everything that we can do to make Will's life feel normal. For months now his life hasn't been even close to normal.

We had to move rooms again. They needed us to move across the hall because they are more set up for a vent than in our other room. Now we don't have a beautiful view of Salt Lake City. We have a beautiful view of a brick building, but if I look closely I can see people in the windows of their offices. That sounds terrible, I hope I don't get arrested. We have been getting many of our "old" nurses from ICU visiting Will the last few days. Mama Bear, Aka Carolyn, hasn't missed one day visiting with Will. See how blessed we were with the "family" of nurses that we had. It is so good to be able to see them. I know we won't ever be able to forget them. They were so good to us.

Speaking of that, we did get one of Will's favorite nurses from ICU to float down here. It was Sumer!!! What a surprise that was. She never gets to float to this floor and to have Will as a patient was a great coincidence. I hope they all can float down here at one time or other.

So tomorrow, or should I say today, we will try to get him up walking and exercising a lot to make up for today. Oh, I forgot to tell everyone---The young man that I had you all praying for in the ICU, Moreno, was moved down here the same day as Will. Isn't that great! He looks so much better, I think he only weighs 90 pounds though. His mom gets to come see him once a week on Sunday (I don't know the circumstances of that) and I talk to her. She seems so relieved about his progress. I have been telling her that we have been praying for him. She was so grateful. Please continue to hold him up in your prayers, and don't forget our Tanya for her new lungs. Thank you for all your prayers.
God bless you all


JKDK said...

Will - I am so happy for you and all of the progress you are making these last few days! How exciting!! It looks like Marti and I will be making a mad dash back to Idaho for a couple days, which will bring us back through Salt Lake on our return trip. I will wave at you through your new "city-view" window as we fly by. Keep up the hard work!


Sarah said...

I am so happy for all of you! we have been praying for this news. We would like to come up and see will this week, maybe tomorrow if that's alright. What time of day is best for will? I will probably call you tomorrow to find out. I miss you guys so much. I am so sorry i haven't been coming as often, gas prices are killing me. I hope will will forgive me. I love you guys. Give will a hug and a rub on his forehead for me. Sarah