Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Wednesday July 30, 2008 2:30 am

This was a typical dialysis day. He felt terrible because his toxins in his body are building up. That's why dialysis is so important. He felt sick all over until after dialysis and then he feels tired. He slept for about 9 hours after the dialysis was completed. Then he walked to the door and we put him in the wheelchair and took him around the unit for a ride, just to get him out of the room.
Tomorrow should be his good day and he'll feel like walking more and getting off the vent. Today he was off for only 2 hours but he just wasn't feeling like doing more.

We did have some visitors from the ICU unit that wanted just to come up and say hi to Will. He was asleep but it was nice of them to take time off to come up and see us. We still miss them lots but there is a good bunch of people up here also, we just aren't getting close to them like we did the other floor. The young man, Moreno, that we have been praying for is still up here also. We saw him up in the halls earlier today. He's looking better.

Tanya, our good friend that has CF and is awaiting a transplant, is back in the hospital again. I know, she just got out but I think it's the lousy air quality that we have right now. Anyway, she needs your prayers and pray that they find donor lungs real soon. She's a tough cookie with the sweetest smile and beautiful heart.

God bless and thanks for the continuous praying for us. Our God is an awesome God.


Jessica said...

We will definitely keep all of you, friends included : ) in our prayers! Missy is waiting to go into surgery, so continue to pray for her and I'll let you know something this afternoon.
Tell Will we said hello!
Jess and Family

Bina said...

hi my favorite people in the whole wide world!! I cannot even begin to explain how much I miss you all! And yes Will...... especially you! I miss your jokes and your amazing sense of humor and all your contagious positive energy. Will, do you remember the time you taught me magic tricks with cards? Well I'll have you know I've been doing them ever since and I think of you when I do them. I still get oooooo's and ahhhhh's every time! Of course, I would give you the credit for them if I could but I can't let my audiences find out it's not real magic. So, needless to say, I take all the credit! Ha ha, I'm a good lil sis like that:) Ok, I know that lil story was random but I think that might be one of my favorite memories with you! I could ramble on forever but I need to go. I got a job serving at Red Robin! I need to go get ready for work. Just wanted to say hi and remind you all how much I love and miss you! Take care. You're in my thoughts and prayers always! Love you more than you know. Love, bina

Jessica said...

Hey Terri,
Just wanted you to know that Missy is doing great! Her surgery was only 20 minutes... after rushing to the hospital, we waited another two hours to see her, but I forgot to take into account hospital time. lol
She was in some pain and the nurse gave her meds for it... said she'd be asleep within minutes... 7 hours later she is still awake and visiting like crazy.
Hope you guys have a great night! Give Will a hug and kiss and have Tom give you one too!