Monday, July 14, 2008

July 14, 2008 Monday 1:05 am

Monday morning-I hope everyone is excited about the new week. I know I am. Great things are going to happen. I just feel it.

Will didn't have a great day but it was better than yesterday. He did get a walk in and Grandma got to pull his IV pole. Way to go Grandma. I think she was going to pull him out to the parking lot and into her car. Today, Monday, he should be getting his tube fixed. It's been a long weekend without it. I don't know how they will fix it this time because last time they fixed it, it just came out again. So we will see. Will did do his t-trial for almost 12 hours. Great work for someone not feeling well. He will do dialysis on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday this week. We don't know yet if they will pull any more fluid off him or not.

God bless

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