Saturday, July 5, 2008

July 5, 2008 Saturday 1:09 am

We have now been here a whole day. This is a nice room. Some of our old nurses have been up to see us. The nurses here seem to have a sense of humor so that's good when they are dealing with us. I didn't get to put the pictures up on the blog because I have to do that from our computer at the apt. So I should be able to do that today.

I hope that everyone enjoyed their Independence Day celebration. The freedoms this country has offered all of us is a great cause to celebrate. How blessed we all are to be here. I couldn't see the fireworks from our window, even though the window is very big.

We had more visitors today. We love that. The Clarks came back up this morning and visited. Then my superintendent, Kevin Lancaster, and his wife and son came up to visit us on their way through town. It was so good to see them. Will told Kevin he needed to give me a raise to help pay for the hospital stay. Since the stay in the hospital will probably cost way over one million dollars, it's going to be a BIG raise. This is the way that I know Will is getting better. His sense of humor is coming back. Thank you, God.

Then after the Lancasters left, my neice, Billie, her husband, Matt, Sadie Kay, and the new little baby, Coby William, came to visit. This was the first time to meet his little namesake. This little boy is so beautiful, sweet, and happy. Little Sadie cracks me up. She didn't really like Uncle Will this time. Usually Will is her favorite but he was in the hospital bed and couldn't talk to her. So that was strange for her. We did take cute pictures. They are coming back today to visit more. We will enjoy every minute.

Will had a dialysis session today but they didn't take any more fluids off. The drs. were satisfied with the results they have. Not to say they won't take more fluids off at a later date. He didn't get to have it happen at his bedside. He had to go downstairs with a few other people. Will said he didn't like it because it was really boring for the three hours of dialysis.

Well I will pray for traveling mercies on all who are on the road this weekend. Kim and Richard are home tonight. Their trip was very nice.

God bless

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bug said...

We just got back from Camping and area catching up...We are so excited for the room change! It is great to here the good news. There is so much to be thankful of and to celebrate. Love you all.