Saturday, July 12, 2008

July 12, 2008 Saturday 1:45 am

I don't have any pictures today but I hope everyone enjoyed the videos from yesterday.
Will has had a very busy day. He had xrays downstairs on his lungs. Then Dr. Cahill decided to do a bronch. This last week, Will has started bleeding out of his trach again. Dr. Cahill wanted to make sure there's not something real bad happening. She was very pleased with what she found down there. So that shows her that there is probably fluid surrounding the lungs again. Tomorrow they will do dialysis and take a couple of liters of fluid off and see if that will make breathing easier again. they haven't taken fluid off all this week.

Coach and Donna came down for their weekly visits and they were in the room for the bronch. They got to see the inside Will's lungs. They were feeling like I did the first time I got to watch-just amazed what we were looking at. Will even got a few foot rubs from Donna. I am sure glad we get company here so we don't have to do all the foot rubs.

Before all this, Will did walk today and his aunts got to go with him. (They went back to Idaho after that) He walked 70 steps, I know that this isn't as far as he has been doing but he hasn't walked very far for a couple of days. But because of the bronch he didn't get to walk the second time until much later in evening. Coach wanted to stay to see him walk but with all the happy juice that they give Will during the bronch Will slept until 9:30 tonight. So tomorrow we should see Will's breathing get easier and then maybe he can stay off the vent for a long time. Then he will walk farther too, right?

Tomorrow Will's grandma, my mom, is coming up for a visit. I think she is bringing me some home-cooked food. I'm so excited (to see my mom and yes, for the food too). She will stay a few days with us. Tanya, our CF friend that is awaiting a transplant, went home from the hospital and I pray that she gets to stay home longer than a few weeks. The air is so bad here right now from the California fires. I also pray that she gets her new lungs soon. I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.

God bless


Karen Atwood said...

OK, just read the blog. I know that Willie must have been peacefully sleeping while you wrote it or he certainly would have reminded you to be sure to let my daughters know that I wanted to make up for the lack of footrubs from them. Oh yes, I guess Billie did give him some foot rubs, but I'm sure they weren't that good! Of course, Aunt Gloria didn't rub his feet, so, I guess we know who is his favorite now!
Seriously, it was great to get to see and interact with Willie and to see both of you, Tom and Terri. I can see what a wonderful family you are building there with all the friends you are making at the hospital. It's great to see the big group (I was going to use a big word there but forgot how to spell it--you know--retirement has made my mind go a little lax!), of doctors, nurses, and interns that are so intent on getting Will up and out of the hospital! I heard both doctors and nurses say how much they loved Will. How awesome it is that God has chosen people to look after Will who are so caring and so knowledgeable. Love you all and my prayers are with you.

aunt gloria and uncle bill said...

Love you from Aunt G. This is a test to see if this is working. I just created a username!

T*A*N*Y*A* said...

Thanks for the prayers!!! I also hope that I can stay out, but due to this air my 2 weeks out pattern probly will stay on track..

LOVED the videos.. Its so cool to see Will in action..