Wednesday, July 23, 2008

July 23, 2008 Wednesday 12:09 am

Tom mainly came home to put up the hay that was cut this week. This is Tom with his hay crew. They are just starting out. The kids are really excited because they get to drive the truck in the field. Riley and Hayley are the best workers you could ask for. THEN:

This is what Tom looked like after they got all the hay stacked. Big change huh? Riley still looks happy because he got to ride inside the truck. The White family helped Tom and they got it all stacked before the rain came. What good, good friends we have been blessed with. Thanks Whites.

Well, today is our five month anniversary for Will's new lungs. I don't know if we say happy anniversary or has it been that long???? I really thought it was much longer than five months. Please remember the donors family in your prayers tonight as I do every night. Thanks

Today they did dialysis and they took off 4.5 liters. That's just about 10 pounds of fluid. It helped but not enough so they will take off some more either Wednesday or Thurs. He still is very puffy. This will definitely help his breathing. So today should be a better day. Tuesday he slept. I think he slept almost 30 hours with just a few minutes waking up. I did talk him into standing but it just lasted for two minutes. He just couldn't do it. But today we will see a huge difference I hope

Will's blood cultures are starting to grow something so they gave him a bolus (new word here) of antibiotics. We should know this morning what is growing and how to treat it.
A bolus is another word for a big amount to start with. A lot of times they give a bolus of antibiotics and then level off with a smaller amount. Sometimes they do a bolus of pain meds just to get on top of the pain and then level off. So there's another medical term all you bloggers just learned. Don't forget there will be a test at the end of the hospital stay. (just kidding coach). They did a few other tests also so they all should be back this morning, but remember kids, this is hospital time so maybe by midnight tomorrow night I will have answers-hee hee.

So please pray that what ever is growing won't be too serious. Thank you
God bless


Jen Holtzen said...

As always, your requests will be added to our prayers. I hope that Will has a much better day, does a little walking and feels a lot better. Happy Anniversary on the lungs-although I agree with you Terri, has it been that long already! Looking forward to tomorrow's good news. Scott, Jen, Traj, Ryk, and Dax

Lthsldy said...

Happy anniversary, lungs! May today be the day that you learn and respond well to your new host. Will and his family are most deserving of these wonderful gifts from God.

Fight hard, Will. I know that you have it in you. Think back to our old coaching days. You understand the power of positive thinking. I have no doubts that every person you and your family have touched are sending the best of positive thoughts and prayers your way.

We miss you all and await your speedy return to the Magic Valley.

Will--maybe you can make one of your infamous "cheat sheet" note cards with the itty bitty writing for Coach so he can pass the post-hospital test. Oh wait, at his age, the eye sight . . .


Somer Love said...

Get some rest Tom!!!!

Happy Anniv to the twins!!!

Will you rest up to and work hard while they aren't doing that dialysis!!

Toni Mendive said...

Hi, Harbisons...still blog-reading, still praying, still inspired by you ALL!!

Terri...I was in SLC last July 24th trying to get to LDS Hospital from 5000 S. Good luck tomorrow!! Find out from the hospital staff the best way to avoid the celebratory parade route & traffic.
My best thoughts & prayers to all of you. Toni M.

Clayton said...

Hey guys. I think the last time we talked was to Tom and Terri at costco in boise. Just to let Will know the he's a tremendous inspiration and it sounds like he's putting up with all this hospital stuff (over the last five months!!) amazingly. Take care ya'll, clayton karrels

Jessica said...

What an amazing journey that we continue to see unfold... your determination, hardwork, positive attitude, and family support must be a dream for your doctors and nurses! I have no doubt that they are continuing to learn incredible things from you. Keep battling... you have many, many soldiers on your side.
We will say extra special prayers for you tonight!

I'm sure my classmates would agree that we would love to have YOU at our 10 year class reunion next summer... Coach most definitely will need you because this means its been ten years since Ty graduated and if he's already having problems with eye sight, he may have problems getting there too. Should he still have his driver's license?