Sunday, July 27, 2008

July 27, 2008 Sunday 12:40 am

Sunday is the best day of the week. I wish all of you "bloggers" are enjoying yourself. Do something special just for you.

Will's Saturday was good. He had the best visit from Coach and Will's good friend from high school, Jason Warr. They came up to Salt Lake together and stayed for about three hours. They talked and had a great time. Will even stayed awake through it even having just had dialysis. He was looking forward to it all week.

They took two liters off today in dialysis. They keep track of his blood pressure during dialysis and when it starts dropping too low then they know that his body can't take any more fluid off without compromising his heart. Isn't that interesting? Bet you all didn't know that and it could be on the "end of hospital test" so take note.

I guess I should have said most of the day was good for Will. Those antibiotics that he started taking day before yesterday for the blood infections turned out that he is allergic to. So he itched all over all night long and most of the morning. They can't give him something like benedryl because that impedes the breathing process. So they searched to find something to use. The great doctors found something but I can't pronounce it so I definitely can't spell it. It does seem to be working though. He's finally able to sleep. He should sleep all night long now.

Kim and Richard White and the two great kids are still down today in Salt Lake and will go home tomorrow. They have been such fantastic friends to us through this all. How blessed we are that God allowed us to build our house right next to them. Little did the White family know when they sold us that land what they were in for. Friends are everything---well, no, family is everything----but right after family--friends are everything. Thank God for both, friends and family.

God bless


whitehouse said...

We love being here with the Harbisons. I am recognizing I have a blog addiction when I am here first hand and still checking out what Terri has to report. We hope Will has a wonderful day and thanks for a great weekend. Will, you're an amazing person.

Katie Lardy said...

Hi Will,

I'm so happy you had so many wonderful visitors this weekend.
I hope you have a great Sunday and that your infections quickly heal.

Love to all the Harbisons.

kimbabbel said...

Tom and Teri,
it's defineately time for some more spagheti. Will will just have to settle for our prayers!! Stay strong Will. You have some amazing people in your corner.
Mike, kim babbel

Anonymous said...

Sounds like your weekend was great! Glad Will is getting to visit with such fantastic friends that are like family! I'm sure it's nice to see some familiar places around there Will! Wish I was closer... maybe some day?!?
Love you all,