Saturday, July 5, 2008

July 6, 2008 Sunday 1:30 am

They say pictures are worth a thousand words and these are--

This is Will's little cousin that was named after him--Coby William. We finally got to meet him.

The hospital staff let us sneak him and his family in to see us. (Notice the outfit)
and notice the smile on Will's face. Priceless.

Below: Tom is carrying little Sadie Kay, she's three and Will used to be her favorite but she didn't want anything to do with him because he was in the bed. She just didn't understand why he couldn't talk to her and play like old times. We told her it won't be long.

Baby's smiles are God's special blessing on us all. Who can resist?

Coby is just fascinated with all of Will's machines. He didn't mind laying in bed with Will.

This is Billie, the mom, Sadie, the Princess, and Coby all entertaining Will.

Coby just couldn't quit laughing. He thought Will was funny.

Here's Uncle Tom trying to get Sadie up on Will's bed. It didn't work, but Coby thought it was fun. This is a good picture of how good Will's looking.

Nothing but good news. The visitors have been helping. Having kids around has helped us all feel soooooo much better. That's what we all needed. And all the doctors are really making us feel so good. We missed Dr. Cahill again but Brent and Stacee were here when she came in. They said she just couldn't quit praising Will's progress. Dr. Cahill even wants Will to try rehab on Monday. She wants him to go down to try to get on the bike a little bit. I guess it just depends on dialysis. This is so exciting considering less than two weeks ago, he had trouble lifting his arm off the bed. God is doing such wonderful things in our lives.
This verse I wanted to share with all of you. It is from Isaiah 40:31:
But they that wait upon the LORD shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint.
Is this not perfect for where Will is right now??? We waited on God's perfect timing.
Our God is an awesome God. I just can't say this enough. We thank God for the work He is doing in all our lives. I hope everyone enjoys their Sunday and worships the ONE that loves us the most.
God bless


Dixie said...

What great pictures. I bet the two cuties made the room glow with thier arrival. Keep up the great work Will. You are looking great. It is so good to see a smile back on your face.
Just so you know Terri, I watched the fireworks for you here in Twin Falls in Will's room 414. It was good. Of course I was working.


Bina said...

hi family! Will you are looking so so good!! I am so happy for you. I think that cute little guy laying next to you definitely put a sparkle in your eyes. So, I was so excited to see you mom when I was in town with all the girls. But Dee decided we needed to get outa town that night so she could have a head start on her drive home. I was totally sad cause I miss you all so much! Needless to say, I gave Dee a good ol' guilt trip afterwards and reminded her it was only like a 9 hour drive she had to make all by herself. Gosh, she's such a drama queen! Whatever...! I just love you all so much and I can't explain how much I miss you. Will, keep getting stronger and better so I can come visit you!! I miss watching Dog the Bounty Hunter, and The Office and what not... Well take care my people, you are in my thoughts continuously. Love, bina