Friday, July 4, 2008

Fourth of July Friday 1:43 am


This really started as a good day. Around midnight the drs. decided they could safely move Will off the ICU floor and put us on the intermediate intensive care unit. It's one step down and the rooms are all brand new. It is really nice, but we are so sad. We didn't want to leave the floor after 17 weeks up there. We have made such good connections with everyone there. They are like our family. Seriously I did have to have a little pity party for myself. I love everyone up there. But, it is a very good step forward in Will's journey home. So YIPPEE!!!!! Will's going to make his goal to be back in the apt. by the end of July. He did 12 hours on the vent today. Wow. He just keeps getting better and better.

He will still have dialysis and t-trials and walks just like our old floor. We will just have to train all these new nurses like we had to with ICU when we first came there. We will now have a whole new set of friends that we are meeting. I hope they like us----I feel like a kid in a new school. Will they want to be our friends??? Will we have anyone that will take Carolyn's position and Will's protector, Sumer's position as a sweetie, Kate's steady head, Tracie's book club and good food, and all our good RT's that have been pushing Will????

I'm really tired tonight from moving and everything so I think I need to go to sleep and I will let everyone know how wonderful this new floor is tomorrow night. We did have visitors today. Jesters stopped by on their way to Denver and Brent and Stacee Clark came up to visit. While they were visiting Will, Tom and I went to dinner together. It had been so long we didn't know what to talk about. I didn't get those pictures on the blog but I will hopefully today. Maybe I will take pictures of the new room.

God bless


Lthsldy said...

Praise God! What a wonderful God he is. How fitting that Will be liberated from the ICU on July 4th.

Will, you have definitely rounded the corner and are on the road to reaching your goal. Many cheers to you!

You are in my thoughts and prayers always.


Jessica said...

Glad all is well! Please let Will know how much I wish I could have come to see him when I was home! It was SO great to see Dad, Kim, Hayley and Riley as well as my mom, Eamon, Meara, and Alayna. Oh yeah and of course Coach Clark! lol Dad had to prove to me how out of shape I was... we road bikes together, he won.... we went kneeboarding, he got up the first time-showed off his tricks ending by standing on the board, I got up four times but couldn't keep the board stable enough to ride down the river, and finally he wakeboarded and I fought with ALL my might but could never completely stand up. Needless to say I will be in better shape than my brother Jurdin by next summer so that I can show my dad up at his old age. lol (Not sure if you got to see Jurdin, Terri, but he's quite the young man!)
Well, love you all! I'm so glad to hear that Will is progressing quite rapidly now... I'll have to get ready to get my plane ticket home for his welcome home!