Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Tuesday Dec. 2, 2008 (23 days left until Christmas)

Okay, here are just some cute pictures of Will's family. We didn't have any other ones to send out now but these will make you smile. They were taken this weekend at home.

This first one is of Angel's guys-little Carson, who she has kind of adopted, Duke, her favorite dog, and the other cutie is her husband, Aaron. They were all outside playing football last Sunday and they sent this up to me. Look at the sunshine, we won't be having that much longer.

This next picture is of Will's cat, Bella. She's patiently waiting for her guy to get home. I will explain the phone next to the radio. We couldn't get webcast up at the hospital for the Jerome girls' game last Saturday so we had Angel get it on the radio at home and then put it on speaker phone and Will listened to it on his phone at the hospital. Lots of work for that, but it's really worth it for Will to hear the game. That's how he listened to the whole game. Thank goodness for cell phone free weekend minutes.

This last picture is of the cutest little girl, our new granddaughter, Candace, at her dance recital in Boise on Friday. She danced a really cute number and of course she stole the show. I was so glad that I got to go and watch.

Well, Monday was kind of boring so I thought I would put up these pictures. Will walked once around the unit this morning. He was totally wiped out because he really needed dialysis. They came about noon, and he slept the rest of the day away. So not much action there but he did get 4 liters off today. Yea, team.
Tom said he talked a little bit and watched some TV tonight but he was sleeping by 9:30. Coach is coming up tomorrow for his weekly visit. Thank goodness for good friends like that. Coach very rarely misses a week without seeing Will, even in SLC. Will looks forward to his visits so much (It really escapes me--WHY???). Anyway, his Tuesdays are so much better than his Mondays. So watch out.
God bless

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