Monday, December 8, 2008

Monday, Dec. 8th 17 days until Christmas

Merry Christmas

This is my dad and Cherie's house, all
decorated up for Christmas.
It's like a picture postcard.
There's so much warmth there.

Here's our two Christmas trees we found along the road. We bought these trees for the nurses' desks and they found a new use for them.

This is how Will and Aaron watch the Cowboys game. They look very comfortable, don't they? Even if the Cowboys lost at the last minute, it was a good game.

Will's day was better than yesterday. Grandpa came up and gave Will another haircut. Then he just visited and had a good day all around. He still doesn't feel too well yet so he didn't walk much, although he did walk this evening after the loss of the Dallas game. He had to get rid of some of his adrenaline.

We should know more on our move to SLC in the morning. Please pray for Will.
God bless

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