Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Dec. 16, 2008 Tuesday 9 days till Christmas

So we have finally some news to share. We will be flying Will down on Wednesday. That's all we know right now. We don't know when, we don't know how long we are there until surgery. We don't know how long we will be there after surgery. We don't know if we get to come home after we check out of the hospital. But we DO know we will go to Salt Lake on Wednesday.

Tom will come back to Boise tomorrow morning and then I will take off for Salt Lake because I don't want Will to get to Salt Lake and maybe if the roads are bad, I wouldn't be able to be there when he landed. So I will go up and stay with my nephew, Danny, and then go over to the hospital and wait for Will on Wednesday. Tom will put him on the plane (we think it's a fixed wing plane) and then Tom will wait and see if he will come down on Thursday or later. More on this later. Maybe tomorrow the doctors will have something for us or not.

So thanks for your prayers because we are getting something done. I don't really know about Christmas so I will wait and see what God has planned. If any of you want to write Will a Christmas card, just send it to our home address: 793 Hillside Drive, Hagerman, Idaho 83332, and Angel and Aaron will see that he gets them all.

We have so much to celebrate this season, but the best is that it's when our Savior, Jesus Christ, was born. I pray everyone is remembering the reason for this season. I know we will be, and if we are in the hospital on Christmas Day, we will celebrate it after we get out.

Tom went to my students' Christmas recital tonight. He said my class was the best, of course. Will had dialysis for a short while tonight and then they would come back in the morning and do a full dialysis. (It's a long story). Will did work out this morning and it was really a work out. They don't let him slack off a minute even when he's not feeling well.

So I will be in SLC tomorrow night, Tom and Will will be in Boise, and Angel and Aaron will be holding down the fort again. That's about all we know. Pray for the snow and ice to allow all the travel that we need to do. We are excited to see all our old friends from the University Hospital.

God Bless


Haneys said...

YAY! Billie called with the news last night...so nice to know someone on the inside! We are so relieved to know what the plan is for now, and can't wait to see what these new endeavors hold in store for all of you. I'm sure God has something GRAND in mind! We will be banking on Billie to give you all our love until you leave, as we'll just miss you. Have a SAFE trip and God speed! All our love! Mae, Arron & Ruston

Dixie said...

Drive safe Teri, it has been snowing here in Twin Falls all day.
Good luck in Salt Lake Will.

Dixie and James