Thursday, December 4, 2008

Thursday 12/4/08 21 days left before Christmas

I love the Christmas season so when I went up to Will's, I took some little decorations with me so I could decorate his room up tonight. Will really loves Christmas and I know he will like it when he gets in a better mood. He's not feeling too well tonight. He had dialysis and they were able to take off three liters so he should breathe better tomorrow. He will have a better day because today just wasn't one of those "good" days. But we look at it this way--he's having a lot more good days than bad lately and that's what we need.

I will take more decorations when I go up this weekend. We don't want to take too many because we still plan on being out of there by Christmas but that's just what we think, not what they are telling us yet. It won't be long though. Grandma and Grandpa Atwood had their house all decorated up already and they just got home from vacation. Made me want to get all my stuff up, but I will wait until we hear what we will be doing this year.

Tomorrow we are getting new carpet in our living room because we want to have all clean, fresh carpet for when Will gets home. We already put down wood flooring in his bedroom. That's so funny that I said "we" because I didn't do anything. I was up in Salt Lake still with Will. So now I really need to start emptying boxes and getting things put away.

I don't know if I say it enough but God gave Will a wonderful dad. Tom stays right by Will most of the days and well into the night without ever complaining all week long. There isn't that many men that could do that, especially one who is used to being outdoors. It's all going to be back to normal soon but Tom should definitely get the "Father of the Decade" award.

When Will and I were talking tonight we had two good pieces of news to share. One of his very, very close friends had a baby and Will was so excited for her. We don't want to tell everyone yet who it was because we don't know if all the family has been notified. But I know the new "mom" reads this blog daily and Will just wanted me to tell her congratulations, we love you lots, and we will call you this weekend.

The other good news is Will's cousin, Noah, is having a birthday today and we want to wish him a very, very, big HAPPY BIRTHDAY, NOAH, to you. He's a very special young man and we are sure glad he was born.

I hope everyone is starting to feel the love of the season. I know I am, I'm already singing Christmas carols (when no one can hear me, because that would just be cruel).

God bless


Coach said...

Will, I'm sorry to hear your Mother is decorating again. It will be nice when you get home and can decorate yourself. (I have Yankee stuff if interested)
I agree with your Mother when she says Dr. Tom is "Father of the Decade". He also became a doctor because of you.
I hate to say this because it is going to hurt, but you Mother is "Mother of the Decade" also. I hate being nice to her so please get home soon so I can stop.
Your parents are amazing people just like their son.
If you are worried about having to spend extra days in Salt Lake waiting for your Dad let me know and I'll come and get you and I won't even take you through Wendover.
I hope you have a great day and I'll see you next week. Be sure and give your Mother your Christmas list so she can get those things we talked about ordered for you.

Suzy-Q said...

We are so excited for this new baby too! She's a beautiful girl! Can't wait to see her in more than just pictures!
I'm at work and Angela and I have been scheming up ways to be part of the Christmas decorating action in room Harbison. Your mom and Angel are amazing decorators, but we'd like to come add our own touches! We promise no harm to those enjoying them!
We love you... we miss you!
-Suzanna (& Angela)