Wednesday, December 3, 2008

12/3/08 Wednesday 22 days left till Christmas

Tuesday was a better day. Will walked this morning all the way down to the PT room. But, this will just blow you away, (I know it did for me) Will walked down 24 stairs with just someone holding onto his belt. That is just amazing..I wish I could have been there--I would have been just woohooing (yup, that's a word now) up and down the hallway. Maybe that's why they waited till after I left Boise, ya think? Anyway I will be going back to Boise Wednesday after school and I hope I can see him do some stairs for myself. If I do, I will get pictures for sure. But that is his day for dialysis, so chances aren't that good.

Coach came up and visited for a few hours. Then Will took a long nap. When I called later he was sleeping again, but Tom said he took another walk around the unit. Christmas is going to be so good this year. We just happen to be getting our Christmas presents early every time Will passes one of these milestones.

Another big milestone that happened a few days ago and I thought I put it on the blog, but I didn't and I'm sorry because it's very, very big. Will is no longer an intensive care patient. He is now considered just a "regular" (but very special) patient. The nurses that use to take care of him are only high observation nurses so they don't get him anymore and they don't like that. So they sneak in all the time and visit anyway. Isn't that just great news??? See, another Christmas present.

Our God is an awesome God and He answers all our prayers in His time, not ours. He sure is answering our prayers. I know many of you start your day out reading the blog and praying for our Will. We just want you to know that you are all in our prayers, too. Life is so precious and it's such a joy when you have a firm belief in Him.

God bless

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