Friday, December 26, 2008

DEC. 26, Friday


Here is Danny walking his cousin on Christmas Day. See how I got his pole all decorated up?
Danny was almost embarrassed pushing it down the hall. Will thinks he's wearing a Cowboys cap, but he makes a good Santa. The only sad news was the Celtics lost to the Lakers. That one hurt but Boston is still on such a hot streak. Will just decided to let Coach have a Christmas present from him.

Here is a good picture of us taking Will for a walk this morning. He's looking good. He had a pretty easy day today. He was able to have a great foot rub (shown below) by AnneMarie. What more could he want??

It is snowing still so it's not looking very good for Angel and Aaron coming down. We don't want them on the road like they are now. Dr. Cahill told us that on the 30th he will have the procedure to put in another tunnel catheter. Then on the 31st, he will have the graft put in. We don't know what happens but they will explain it to us later.

Tomorrow Will will be up and downstairs by 9:00 doing his exercising. Then sometime tomorrow he will have dialysis. So busy day. Thank you all for you good wishes to Will and all of us for the holidays. I read them all to him and we had a lot of phone calls too. We talked to Angel and Aaron through the webcam again today. It was great. We hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas.

God bless

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Jessica said...

Merry Christmas Family,
Will you look great! Hope Angel and Aaron will be able to make it soon. Heard you have all been hit pretty hard... man I missed out on a white Idaho Christmas again! Not to rub it in, but it was in the 80s yesterday. I know Dad and Kim say they'd rather have it hot, but I'm not sure I agree at Christmas time. Grass is always greener on the other side I guess... we did have an awesome Christmas in our shorts and t-shirts though. lol I even had holiday clothes for the kids but long sleeve wasn't going to work yesterday.
Check out the blog... we updated pictures from their day and there is many more to come!
Miss and love ya