Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Dec. 23, 2008 Tuesday Only two days left


That is so incredible. It just doesn't seem possible. There are so many people that follow Will's journey. I told Will and all he said was why? He just doesn't understand how people can be interested in him and what he's going through.

So the doctors came in today and told us they would take him in and put in a temporary tunnel catheter because Will really needs dialysis today. It was getting hard for him to breathe. So they took him about 12:30 downstairs to do the procedure. He didn't like them very well. I told them before I left to go to the waiting room that he can't see much and to please tell him what's going on. They said they would and then they didn't really tell him anything more after that. They did try to put in a tunnel catheter in the subclavian (spelling is probably all wrong, it means by the collar bone) but they were blocked two different times. So they had to go into his jugular vein. But at least we have something that works for a while.

The dr. told me that he will probably wait for a week and then go in through the vein in his thigh and try to unblock one of the veins so they can take the one out of the jugular. They don't like to use them. The dr. also said that the fistula probably wasn't going to happen and they will put in a graft. That's where they put in a fake vein and use that. It seems an okay idea but I will research it and find out more. As soon as they were done with him (it took about 2 1/2 hours) they took him right away to dialysis. They took three liters off and he's breathing better tonight. He's in a lot of pain because of all the probing they had to do but tomorrow will be a better day.

Tom is coming down tomorrow if he can make it through the pass. They think that it might be drivable tomorrow afternoon. It will be great to see my sweet husband (hey, it's the season to be nice, right?)

I hope you all are keeping Christ in your Christmas.

God bless

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Haneys said...

WOW! What a hurdle this is turning out to be! I am glad that you are there, as I'm sure there is a GREAT reason. I hope the jugular cath doesn't drive you bonkers before you get the graft. Any news on how long until they'll do that? Anyway, we're really missing you these days, and I'm sure we're not the only ones. I pray the season bring you the peace and serenity you'll need in the coming days. (Arron says he's thinking of you, he loves you, and MERRY CHRISTMAS!) and that goes for Roo and I as well:)