Friday, December 5, 2008

Dec. 5, 2008 Friday 20 more days till Christmas

Ho, Ho Ho

Will's day wasn't great. He didn't feel like doing any walking. Some days will be like that. Hopefully he will have a better Friday, even with dialysis. Tom and I will be trading places again and he will be able to come home for a while. We are already getting Christmas cards in the mail. Wow, there are some people out there that are on the ball. Maybe you can expect Christmas cards from us just about in time for Valentines Day. Maybe.

God bless


Christi said...

Hey Will. I havent been feeling so stellar this week. Nothing major, just a little off and I dont want to jeapordize your amazing comeback so I have been staying away. I hope to make it up there soon. Love you!

Jessica said...

that sounds about like us Terri! But it has been better since we have the little ones... gotta keep everyone updated. lol
send Will our love and strength... we are thinking of him often, can't seem to get a break around here, so I apologize for the few and far between messages... but I am thinking and praying for you all..
Love ya