Sunday, December 14, 2008

Dec. 14, 2008 Sunday 11 days until Christmas

'Tis The Season to be Jolly

(And doesn't Will look Jolly, I thought he was going to
hit me because I asked him to pose by the tree, hee hee)

We put up a little tree with lights and decorated it with basketballs and candy canes. If you know Will really well, that's about his favorites. He got to put the hangers on the little balls so I could hang them up. It took awhile but we got them up. We even had Christmas carols going in the background thanks to his XM radio. So if we can't go to our Christmas, we will just bring it up here. His room is so cute.

Curtis, Jenn and Cali came up. Cali had a little mp3 player. She had downloaded all the Hannah Montana and High School Musical and something else really cute. So she had Uncle Will listen to it. I wish I had my camera ready. Those pink little headphones on him were so "precious." I think he was really enjoying the Hannah songs.

Now for the big news for all you Dallas Cowboy Fans-such as Will.

Dixie is a nurse from our hospital in Twin Falls and called and asked if she and her husband, James could come up and see Will. Of course we said yes and then she said she had a big present for Will. She got up here and had Will open his present. Dixie knew somebody who knew somebody who had some connections, I wish I wrote down the names but we will get them thanked. Will opened up an autographed picture of Roger Staubach. For those that don't know that who he is---Roger the Dodger is probably one of the most famous QBs of all time. He played in the 70's and is in the Hall of Fame. He led the Cowboys to their first Super Bowl victory and was part of making the Cowboys America's team. Will has looked up to him for years so this meant so much to him. I don't think he has put the pictures down yet. The other autographed picture is of Mike Connelly who is also a hall of famer from the Dallas Cowboys 1960-70's years. He is an offensive lineman and he wrote a very nice letter to Will. This was a wonderful gift for him and we will have to write a big thank you letter for all the people that made it happen. Thanks so much Dixie and James.

Above is Dixie and James-great people!

Look at that smile..............................................

I hope all of you can get what you want for Christmas. I think Will's good to go.
The big game is tomorrow night so we all need to cheer for Dallas against the Giants.
They need this win. So GOOOOOOOOOOOO COWBOYS!!!
PS. Danny, eat your heart out.


Haneys said...

WooHoo! Go Cowboys & congrats, Will! That is a very thoughtful gift! Just wanted you to know that while I was sitting here reading the blog with Ruston right beside me eating his breakfast, he saw your pictures. First he kept saying papa (silly, but this means he recognized you...he calls me papa, too:). Then, he said "ca-wing" which means coloring. AWWW! He remembers coloring with you when we were there. He also remembers washing his hands:) Hope you enjoy today's game! We love you!
Maegan & Roo

Katie Lardy said...


That is really fun! What a great gift.
I love your room with all of the decorations.
Candy canes have always reminded me of you. :)
Paul went yesterday and cut down Bella's first Christmas tree. We're going to decorate it today.
We'll hang some candy canes on our tree for you. We don't need anything extra to make us think of you because you're in our thoughts everyday already. But this way, you'll have an extra sweet presence in our home during this holiday season.
It is snowing here today. The ground is covered and it is very festive.
We love you all.
Katie, Paul, and Bella