Sunday, December 7, 2008

Sunday, Dec. 7 18 days until Christmas

We have got many pictures to share with you all. Please read until the end of the blog. Don't just look at the pictures because there is news to share at the end. Will had so many visitors today. It was just what he needed. He had dialysis at 7 this morning and they were able to take off 3 more liters. So yesterday was 5 liters and today was 3. That's over 17 pounds of fluid in less than 24 hours. I really think I need to invest in one of these wonder machines.

Above: This is my Dad and step-mom, Cherie with the kids. They were running around the check in area and so I had them all take a picture and they did. My dad is holding little Coby, Billie's baby and then the rest are sitting by Grandma. What a bunch.

First company was Angel and Aaron with Carson and Candace. I told Candace she had to be nice for the picture because she tries to make faces all the time. Now she looks a little too "unreal" but she is so cute. The kids helped me put up more decorations, I know we are crazy because we will be leaving soon, but it's Christmas. Below is the two kids putting little things on Will's door.

Below is my nephews, Noah and Elliott, getting in the groove decorating up Will's room. They hung up two things each. I remember just yesterday when they were helping me decorate at my house and I lifted them up to put things on the tree. Now they both can lift me up (well not really, I can just pretend) but they are big guys now.

Here is a cute picture of Christi, the boys and Will. They had a good visit. Did you notice that I made a candy cane out of Will's IV pole. How fun.

This is a surprise visit from Sarah Choates. Her family has a diner in Jerome where Will says they have the best hotdogs in the world. Go try them out and tell them Will sent you. He use to eat there whenever he could. He is craving that hotdog and when he can eat again, that will be the first place he visits. She brought up a cute card for "Coach" with a great poem that I will share with you all later, because this blog is going to be long enough already. She was so sweet to surprise us with a visit.

Then we had another surprise visitors, Uncle Albert and Auntie. They came down from Hell's Canyon and wanted to see their nephew. They had a great visit and got to see Will walk. They hadn't been able to see that happen before so they were really impressed with the improvement they saw.

List of today's visitors: Angel, Aaron, Carson, Candace, Billie, Sadie, Coby, Grandma, Grandpa, Christi, Elliott, Noah, Sarah, Auntie, Uncle Albert, and then Billie came back up for a visit by herself. That makes for a full day. He will sleep well tonight. I asked him if he was tired from the company and he said no that it was a good tired.

ALERT: So here is some kind of BIG news.*********

The doctors are going to go through with the little operation putting in a fistula. That's the under-the-skin connection made between an artery and a vein, usually in the arm. This is used for the dialysis and is easier to access and lasts longer than the tunnel catheter that he has now. This will be a good thing but it takes a while to "cure" so he will still have to wait to use it for a few weeks.

The good/bad news is that we have to go to SLC to have this done. Good news is we can see all our hospital friends; bad news is that we have to move Will again by ambulance and we thought the next move would be to go home. The surgery won't keep Will down for long and then hopefully Will can get the trach out and we can get home. Don't know all the details, Dr. Fuller said he is shooting for Wednesday, (hospital time could mean ???? next week, next month, who knows). We will be discharged from here when we leave. This is kind of short notice for us so nothing has been decided yet. I will let you all know when we know. We should know most of the particulars on Monday.

God bless you all on this wonderful Sunday. Praise God for He IS the one that makes all things wonderful.


Jenny Esterbrook said...

Hey guys, this is Taner and Jenny down in So. Cal. we've been following the blog and just wanted to wish you all a merry christmas and let you know we miss and think of you often.
Were keeping you in our prayers , all our love
Taner and Jenny

Anonymous said...

Wow... guess I need to make sure I keep reading daily huh Will... sounds like this process will be a good thing though. And Terri you are so awesome about staying positive... it makes a HUGE difference! Will don't have too much fun in the ambulance ride... is your favorite nurse riding along? LOL
Oh, forgot this site is PG!
Love you all... Terri I FINALLY got some new pics up so check them out!