Saturday, December 6, 2008

Dec. 6, 2008 Sat. 19 days until Christmas

So Tom's at home, I'm up in Boise, Angel and Aaron are in Boise, and I hope everyone else is home keeping warm. It's cold here.

I wish I could say that Will is feeling better, but he really isn't. I'm sure it will be better tomorrow. Dialysis took of 5 liters (over ten pounds of fluid), and tomorrow they will come and give him an extra run and take off 5 more liters. Hopefully he won't cramp up too much. That's what happens if they take too much fluid off. Then maybe things will turn around and he will feel like getting out of bed then. I did get him to walk to the hall but he just didn't want to go any farther. He's was wiped out. His white blood count isn't up so they don't think infection is the cause. We will just keep pushing to get him back on his feet.

Angel and Aaron should be coming up with Candace in the morning to help "decorate" Will's room a little more. I will take pictures of that and show you how cute the room looks. We love Christmas.

God bless

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