Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Dec. 17, 2008 Wed. 8 days till Christmas

So, everyone, guess what?? Change of plans. Seriously.

Will won't be going on Wednesday. He will be transported on Thursday instead. He will not be transported by plane but by ambulance. So that is what we will be doing now. By this time tomorrow we could have all new sets of plans. We should know better than to think everything is all set. Then the doctor told us that we could maybe be waiting until after the first of the year to have the surgery because of the holidays. But we do know people up at the University and so we could have some pull and get things done sooner. We will see.

I will now go down to SLC and wait for Will. Then we will start things moving up at that hospital. As most of you can realize, Will isn't all that happy with all this time wasting away. But he will be better once we get up there and see all our friends at the hospital. Again, we will be leaving so many new friends, good friends, that have gotten Will to where he is now. It gets hard to do that so many times, but we are so glad that they have come into Will's life to help him through this journey. We are lucky, lucky people.

This is all in God's plan for us. We will keep up our Christmas tree up until we get home and then we will have our family's Christmas.

So we need traveling prayers for all of us and then pray that we get things done sooner than later. Life is good.

God bless all of our friends, old and new.

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Haneys said...

We will be praying, as always, that on God's journey for Will, there is GREATness. We pray you are safe, all of you, in your travels. And we also pray you are looked over during the weeks to come. Even though the distance may increase, your family will be with you, for this endeavor. We love you all so much! You are an inspiration to our lives in so many ways. During this season of love and rejoicing, you are sent from GOD as a GREAT reminder of his LOVE, COMMITMENT, and EVERLASTING GRACE! Don't forget that we are celebrating all that YOU are, because he has brought us this far!
Maegan, Arron & Ruston