Saturday, December 27, 2008

Dec. 27, 2008 Saturday

Can't believe that it's already two days after Christmas. I'm not ready for the season to be leaving us, so I'm not going to let it go until we get home. It will be soon, real soon. Here is some pictures of Will's room. It looks so festive.

I would like to show these pictures from before Will left Boise. This was his little parade out of the hospital to the ambulance. Very special people who will be are friends forever. We do miss them all. I haven't been able to download pictures and then I found out that I can download very late at night. Don't know why.

Will will be going back down to dialysis tomorrow even though he had it today and they took 3 1/2 liters off. They will be giving him another blood transfusion tonight about three and then dialysis after that. Maybe that will help him have a real good weekend. He's really looking forward to the Dallas Cowboys game on Sunday. They have to win that one to get the wild card and keep playing. Danny will be up and watch it with him so he can do the play-by-play. yea!!

Since I didn't get any shopping done before Christmas I was one of the scary people out the day after Christmas. I did some shopping but I didn't see that many sales-maybe later. The snow kept a lot of people home. It was a little sloppy out there. Angel and Aaron are staying home in Hagerman because of the storm.

The drs. still plan on doing that first procedure on Tues. and then the graft done on Wednesday, New Years Eve. Then maybe we will start the new year out with the trach being gone. We don't know for sure----but maybe.

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