Monday, December 15, 2008

Dec. 15, 2008 Monday 10 days till Christmas

Playing with Billie's little one, Sadie Kay. She had a Santa and a candy cane (off Will's tree). What else could a little girl want?

Here was a break in the game. The three guys (Coby is the cute one) were really into the football game.

Here the guys were watching the game. They look like they were all chillin' but it was really intense in the room. Notice the shirt on Will and the blanket I made him for last years' season.

Below is the Clarks' taking a walk with Will. He had some exercise because he walked all the way down to the front door to see his friends off.

The snow is here, the season is here, what an exciting time of the year.

Will had a good day. He got to sleep in until after noon. Wow! It felt very good to do that he said. He had some real good company to pass a lazy Sunday. Brent and Stacee came up just to visit with Will and they left Hagerman when is was sunny--it wasn't sunny in Boise. The snow was a surprise and it was so cold too. They brought Will a new Jerome Lady Tigers shirt with buttons so he can use it on dialysis day. Great gift. Thanks again.
Whitney, their daughter came over, she lives in Caldwell. So everyone got together and visited about basketball, what else??

While they were here, Grandma and Grandpa Atwood swung by after they went to the Nutcracker. They serve at those functions at the Morrison Center as volunteers and they love it. The said the kids were so cute dressed up like that. Next year maybe I will go see that.
They took me to dinner, Olive Garden, one of my favorite places. It was so good and we had a good visit too.

Then the BIG game, Dallas and the Giants. Cowboys got the win which we knew they would. Billie and Matt (another Dallas fan) with the two kids came over to help watch the game. It was fun to have someone else to give the play-by-play while I played with the kids. It was nice that they won too. Thanks Dallas for doing that for Will. LOL

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO OUR GOOD FRIEND, DONNA. It's finally her 40th. Love you.

Tomorrow we should hear from the doctors in SLC so we can get going on this surgery. (I just cut and paste this from the other blogs last week, it's easier that way.) Hospital Time.

Well, pray for us to get him transferred all safe and sound (and quickly).
God bless


Dixie said...

Horray Cowboys. I'm glad that you are still doing good Will. Just don't let any of the other cowboy fans try and sneak your pictures out of your room. I hope you guys have a safe trip to SLC and it comes soon and then you can get back to Boise. It was good seeing you over the weekend.
Have a good day and keep up the great work.
Dixie and James

Haneys said...

YEAH! Glad you had a GREAT weekend. Can't wait for those docs to give the news. Hoping that it will work out that our paths will cross again soon, as we're coming up for CHRISTMAS! All in God's perfect timing!

marlene7038 said...

Wow! That made ME feel like a million bucks!
Second: Will, you are not only very handsome, but have a lot of other qualities
that are hard to find in a man today. Too bad you live on the other side of the
country. I have a lot of georgeous southern belles I would love to set you up
with, (that is if you are available).
Third: I am happy for you and the Cowboys. But... my Carolina Panthers are

Keep Getting Better My Friend,
Marlene Charlotte, NC

Jessica said...

Hey Will,
Glad to hear you had great company and believe it or not I was watching the game too. Though our SEAHAWKS are a favorite... they need a little help this year! Ok a lot of help...
But what a game and exciting last touchdown to seal the deal...
We are keeping you in our prayers... sure you already know but just in case you don't, Dad's results came back TERRIFIC... Awesome Christmas gift to us!!!
God is good... : )