Friday, December 12, 2008

Dec. 12, 2008 Friday 13 days left till Christmas

We are still in Idaho, aren't we? Nothing was said today, and nobody seems to know what or when anything is going to happen. I'm thinking that since this is the weekend coming up that we probably won't be going anywhere until Monday. So we wait. I really am going to enjoy having everybody from the SLC hospital getting to see Will. He has come so far. I know that they were a big part of it and they need to see how well he's doing.

He walked a few times around the unit today. Then he had some time listening to books on tape. Then just out of the blue the doctor decided to down size his trach this afternoon. Tom said that everything went well and Will has had no problem breathing. He has been sleeping most of the evening.

Tomorrow he will have dialysis again but I will be going up there in the morning. The reason I'm not going to be in school was that I had to get a sub when I thought I would be going on Wednesday. He's a real good sub and I didn't want to loose him by putting him off day by day so I told him by Thursday I will be gone. I went in this morning and worked and showed him how things were done. I got him all set set up and then I said goodbye to my kids. I won't see them again until after Christmas when school is back on I think that's is the fifth of Jan. It made me real sad because those kids are something else. I love them all. I am so lucky that I work in such a great place. Everybody is just so wonderful to try to help me and my boss is great about giving me the time off. (I would say that even if he wasn't going to read this,really).

So I spent the afternoon trying to unpack some boxes that I haven't been able to get done since moving back from Salt Lake. I'm getting Will's room all ready for when he gets to come home. What a great day that will be!!! Maybe tomorrow we will hear something. I will go up to Boise in the morning and then Tom will come home and have an extra day with his horse, his daughter and Aaron, and with his brothers (probably in that order).

Well I hope everybody is getting into the spirit of Christmas. Isn't it a wonderful time of year???

God bless

Happy, happy birthday, Rustin.


Coach said...

Will, I have to comment on your Mother's statement a couple of days ago. She said "God tells us to sit quietly and listen". I want to know when, if ever your Mother has sat quietly and listened to anyone !!! Check with your Dad and see if he can remember that ever happening. The chance of that ever happening is about the same chance I have of getting a date with Julia Roberts.
I do appreciate a member of your family bringing her comments to my attention.
Keep up the hard work and hopefully you will be in Salt Lake early next week.
Your progress amazes me every week.
I'll get your picks from you in a day or two.
Have a great weekend.

marlene7038 said...

Hey Will and Will's family,
I am a new reader and came across your blog in a round about way, starting with CF Husband. I haven't even read half of your entire story but I want to tell you that I am now a faithful blog follower, and that will be praying for you daily. I knew nothing about CF until I accidently came across Nate and Tricia's CF
Husband blog. I am now a big supporter of finding the cure. You are my hero!
Actually, you are A Hero!! To many, many people. I still haven't read your entire blog but from what I've read so far from the people who do know you personally, you are AN AMAZING PERSON. You have touched many lives in a
very positive way and you are VERY much loved. YOU are making a difference by sharing your story and struggles. You make people like me a better person because of your faith and perseverence. Keep getting better my new friend!
Mother of 3, Charlotte, NC

KarenD said...

Will! I am SO excited to see how well you are doing. You will be home before you know it. Get this little jaunt to SLC out of the way and you'll be good to go! You are amazing. I'm glad I know you.