Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Dec. 18, 2008 Thursday one week till Christmas

Just one week until Christmas, how exciting!!

Will is going to be on his way to SLC by 10 am (hospital time). He should be here by 4 or so. I am already up in SLC at Danny, my nephew's house. Danny is such a nut, but he's excited that Will is closer so they can watch the Cowboys games as the season winds down. I came up early because we didn't know what the weather would be doing and we didn't want Will to come and have no one here to get him settled. Tom stayed with Will to get him packed up and help put him on the ambulance.

The bad news was that I stopped at my mom's on the way to say goodbye and I left my cell phone. So it feels real strange to be without a cell phone. I will have Will's phone when he gets up here so if anyone is trying to get me, just call Will's phone tomorrow evening. I probably won't have my phone until Tom comes up here and I don't know when that will be.

About that--I need to wish my sister-in-law, Karen, a very happy happy birthday but I didn't call because I have no phone. Just know I was thinking of you. Hope you had a great day.

I'm excited about this move because it's just that much closer to getting the trach out and then coming home. Will had dialysis tonight so he will be in good shape for the move. So now we won't be Idahoans for awhile, but we will be back shortly.

Please pray for Will's traveling and for the people that are helping him get here safely.

God bless


Dixie said...

Tell Will to just watch out for his Cowboy pictures now that he will be closer to his cousin Danny. I hope everything goes good with the surgery and Will remember to read the book on how things are suppose to go smoothly and not the Will Way.
Dixie and James

Miss W said...

We'll miss you, Will; but we know this is the next step to getting you home.

Keep that positive mental attitude!

Best wishes for a safe trip!


Karen A. (kka) said...

Well, Will, we are going to miss having you in Boise. I guess we will just postpone the Christmas celebration and combine it with your homecoming when you get out and come home. Tell your mom to hook up your web cam so we can see you until you come home!

I'm sure your hospital nurses and doctors are already amazed to see how much progress you have made!

By the way, Will, I know you will want us to call you on Christmas Eve so you can listen as we all sing your favorite song--Good King W. You know what I mean! I know it's your favorite song too, you just don't want everyone else to know that!