Saturday, December 13, 2008

Dec. 13, 2008 Saturday 12 days till Christmas

Here is Will with his occupational therapist, Nicole, working on his upper arm strength. What this picture doesn't show is how much his arms are shaking just moving that light bar back and forth. He works so hard and I love to see that he has so much drive to get better.

Kim and Richard came up and we had a good visit, even though Will wasn't feeling well. He spiked another fever again after dialysis. We will try to get the doctor to tell us why this is happening. He did not feel well at all. So really a rough day keeping his O2 up. Now that this is the weekend, we know we won't be moving to SLC until at least Monday. FRUSTRATING!!!! I'm glad I have this blog to vent, just kidding.

Tom is home and he's enjoying being there. Angel and Aaron are all tucked in and I hope that everyone is safe with this bad winter storm coming in.

I was reading the blog tonight to Will and then I read the comments. The one from Coach made him smile, and yes, there has been times that I have quietly listened, and when God talks to me I always listen. Then there was the comment from Marlene and it hit me in my heart. Marlene, thank you for sharing your feelings with us. Sometimes I wonder why I keep blogging every night and then you say such wonderful things about our son motivating and inspiring you and it really touched us. You are a very kind lady to have said the things you did and I will ask God to lay a special blessing on you and yours tonight. By the way, I was so touched I read it again and I'm still crying, but they are tears of humbling gratitude. Angel was very, very touched by the comment also and she wrote her brother a special email. I hope she will let me share parts of it with you all.

I am going to go out tonight on my way to Dad's house because Walmart is opened all night long, and I'm going to buy lights for Will's room. I have had his room decorated for a few weeks now, but there is a patient across the hall whose family decorated hers today and they put up lights. Now, I'm not like the Griswalds (maybe a little) but I have to go get some lights, a few hundred or so should do it.

Saturday will be so much better because he won't be having his dialysis. We will try to go outside tomorrow and maybe make snow angels----JUST KIDDING.

I have often wondered if Mary looked at her baby Jesus when he was first born like we look at our own children. What she must have been feeling had to be so much more because she wasn't just looking at her new baby-she was looking at our Savior. But then I look at my own son and daughter and I can't imagine being able to feel "more." Now, I have made you ponder this also, sorry. This just came up because I am sitting here watching him sleep so peacefully and I still remember the first time I saw him when they laid him in my arms.

I have so much to pray for tonight, I need to get started. Our God is so awesome.
God bless everyone.


Haneys said...

I think Mary's love might be the REASON we are able to feel so much when we see our children...? I have actually been thinking about this, too, with mine getting older as well. I model my mothering after women like yourself, Auntie! Strong, funny, and compassionate, and I can only hope to be half the mother you are! We love you all and can't wait to see pictures of the lights!(when coupled with the light beaming with the love coming from Will's room, you'll easily out-do the Griswalds:)

Anonymous said...

Hello Family,
Just wanted to write a quick note to tell you I'm thinking about you! Can't remember the details but had a dream last night and Will was in it... If i remember anything I'll tell you! I remember he was up and around on his own though!
Marlene's comments are awesome and SO true. Will you are a hero to many of us near and far! Thank you for fighting... and pushing through all of these tough times.
Can't write much tonight.. but we were in our first Florida parade. Martin's school had a float and they won "Best Children's Float"... how exciting! It was chilly and felt like Christmas so that was nice to put us all in the spirit! Miss the snow though.. hope everyone stays safe on the roads.

KarenD said...

This is weird--I had a dream the other night and Will was in it! I wasn't going to say anything but since Jessica did-- I also don't remember the details but I had the feeling that in the dream he was my son. I have great children, Matt is about Wills age 35, Ryan is 31, Kira 30 and Mike 27. I would only hope that each of them would be as brave and strong as you have been, Will. Take care-