Monday, December 22, 2008

Monday Dec. 22, 2008 3, only 3, day till Christmas

So it's Sunday and it's quiet today for the most part. Will took a stroll around the unit but he's really needing dialysis so it was hard for him to breathe. He walked without sitting and with only one stop. His itching (from the need of dialysis) is driving him crazy. Dr. Cahill came in and told Will that she will be on top of things first thing in the morning. We don't know what they will decide so please pray for Will and Will's doctors.

Danny and AnnMarie came up with her two kids. They are so much fun, all four of them. They were keeping Will company. We have such a fun nurse, Kristen, tonight. She was having to change dressings on Will and it wasn't nice but by the end of it she had Will smiling. I love nurses like that and we have had a bunch of them, again we have been so blessed by love AND laughter around Will.

Will has been telling people how well he was treated (I think the word is "spoiled") by the Boise hospital. Now everyone wants to go there-I'm talking about the employees of this hospital. Will might have made it sound like a spa, who knows?

Tonight the big storm is supposed to hit. I hope all our caregivers make it home. Tom will try to get down here on Tuesday or Wednesday, whenever the snow decides to let him over the pass. Angel and Aaron will try to get down here after Christmas.

Thanks everyone for the continued prayers and I hope you all are getting ready to celebrate our Savior's birth. I know I am. The whole season is so miraculous.
God bless

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Judy said...

Hi Will,

Just to let you know you are in our thoughts and prayers this Christmas Season. It was great to give your Dad a hug yesterday at Church - hopefully he will pass it on to you and your Mom, till we can get together again and give you a hug in person!!! Hopefully that will be SOON. Thanks Terri so much for your blogs - it is the first thing I read each morning. Take care. Love You Lots.
Love, Layne and Judy