Thursday, January 15, 2009


Today was better than yesterday but tomorrow will be a great day even though Will had dialysis. His new bed is being delivered in the morning. He will sleep good Thursday night.

Will did work out today. He did five laps up and down the hall, then he rode the bike. His arm feels better every day. He will need those stitches taken out soon. He has about 8 in the crook of his left arm and about 12 under his armpit. Ouch. Coach and his dad, Sylvan, came by for a good visit. Then tonight a good friend, Sid Gamble, came over and visited a long time. He didn't bring his great kids but I will forgive him just this once. It was so great to see Will interacting with people again over normal, everyday stuff.

I went over to visit my mom in Jerome tonight. She's doing better and her shoulder is getting stronger and stronger. She even made some homemade soup for Will-his favorite, Potato soup. Grandma Sokoff makes the best. He had a good-sized bowl of it for dinner tonight. Yummy!

God bless

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Scott said...

Glad you are home Will. Keep up the good work.

Best Wishes from Houston

Scott Clark