Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Jan 20th Tuesday Inauguration Day

Here's some pictures of our weekend. This doesn't include everyone that came by. I wished it did and I'm sorry if I haven't got the pictures in the blog yet.

ABOVE: Here's Will's cousin, Brenda, who came down from Pocatello.
She's going to have a baby and we can't wait

ABOVE: Danny came up with AnneMarie, his girlfriend, although Will would argue that one. (Something about seeing her first )Remember: she was one of the respiratory therapists that worked on Will in intensive care.
Danny had ordered these shirts to wear for the super bowl, which we all thought the Cowboys would make it to. He even had the names put on it. Will looks good with it on.

BELOW: Here is Coby William trying out Will's new bed. Isn't he adorable?
BELOW: Here is some more people relatives trying out Will's bed. There's Angel, Billie, and Christi.

Here's Tia (Will's aunt from Nevada) and AnneMarie is rubbing Will's feet.

BELOW: Here's some more of the foot rubbing. I tried to tell her that we are finished with that once he got home but she thought he needed some TLC and he agreed.

BELOW: How about this for the cutest picture award?
This is Coby William and Will at the kitchen table.

BELOW: I asked Danny if he would keep Will company while he ate. This is how Danny does that.

So that's some pictures. Hope you enjoyed them. Will is looking better and better. Tomorrow is dialysis and today he had physical therapy. He did really well and worked up a sweat.


Haneys said...

Looks like so much fun! Glad you had some fun with all of the company!

KarenD said...

Will, The game, the pictures with visitors and relatives were great. I too cried seeing you got to the game!! You are doing so good. Keep it up.

marlene7038 said...

Hey Will and family,
It's taken me a while but I finally finished reading your entire blog. We don't know each other but oh my goodness,you have made a huge impression on my life and the lives of my friends and family that are also now following your blog. Most of us had NO idea what Cystic Fibrosis is! Well, we do now! That's because of you Will and allowing your story to be told. We want to help find the cure! We don't now where to begin, and could use some advise. WOW!!! You have no idea what a huge inspiration you are to so many people!!! And I especially hope that my boss will be understanding um... today, in like 6 hours when I look tired at work. Much love to you. Praise God for you, you are... thee are no words to describe you, Will!!! Amazing,awesome,inspiring...
God Bless You,
Your Friends in North Carolina,