Friday, January 23, 2009

Friday Jan 23, 2009

Will had some company tonight. Little Breanna, and her parents Mark and Mindy Comstock. Breanna was fascinated with Will and she just couldn't understand how come the cat wouldn't let her too near Will. Bella is still so possessive, do you notice how she's laying over Will's leg so he can't get up? Cats are so funny. We usually are a dog family, but this cat is something else.

Below: Will is trying to unwrap a candy cane that Breanna got off from our Christmas tree. He's not doing it fast enough for her though. I think she's down there telling Bella that Will needs to be faster.

BELOW: Here Breanna is trying to explain to Bella that she wants to come up and sit in the chair with Will, but she never did get to do that.

Already it's Friday. I don't know how much faster time can go, but it is speeding by. Will had dialysis today and they took a couple of liters off. Kim, our sweet neighbor, went with Tom to take Will to dialysis. She wanted to see how to do all that so if Tom can't make it someday, (like he's sick or needs to go ride his horse or something like that) then Kim can take Will. She's so thoughtful and she does have a big heart. Now she's all up to date on how and what to do with Will to get him to dialysis and home again.

We are so blessed and Will just keeps getting stronger and stronger. Tomorrow he works with the physical therapist, Kevin. He's been really working with Will to get his balance so he's not so wobbly. It's working.


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keli b said...

Will it sure sounds like you are doing good. I had missed a few days of reading the blog but now I'm caught up. See Tae is sleeping that is the only time I get anything done!:) I"m so glad you when to your first game, very exciting.
Hello Harbison Family hope everyone is doing well miss you guys. ~Keli (Nelson) Bullen