Monday, January 26, 2009

Jan. 26, 2009 Monday

It is so cold!!!! Can i just say that again? COLD!

I spent the weekend with my mom in the hospital and she should be able to come home Monday afternoon. My sweet sister-in-law is going to go get Mom and bring her to our house so I don't have to go back into Twin. We have that appt. to see the diabetic counselor right after school with Will so maybe we can have some answers about his diet. So Karen will bring Mom out and stay with her until we get home.

Today went quietly for Will. We didn't have any company except our neighbors, the Jayo's who
brought us a great dinner after I came home from the hospital, which came at a perfect time.
What great friends we have, I know I say that lots, but our friends deserve us saying it every five minutes, but then you all would be tired of hearing it.

God bless

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Haneys said...

Glad to hear she's coming home. Hope it's nothing serious & hope you got useful info about the diabetes diet.