Saturday, January 10, 2009

Saturday Jan 10, 2009

Our first dinner in our home all together again.
Just look at Will sitting at the table-Wow

Below is the exercising guru. Will looks bored, but he's really tired and taking a break.
I'm surprised the cat isn't in this picture. She hardly ever leaves Will alone.

Will had a good day, probably the best he's had since he's been home. Kevin, the PT, came out and set him up with a regimen of exercises he can do himself when Kevin isn't here. Until he gets his balance improved, he can't walk on the treadmill. The rate Will is going, it won't be long though. His arm still is giving him fits and it's all black and blue but at least I can touch it lightly and he doesn't go through the roof.

He was able to eat three meals today. He's getting his appetite back very quickly. I can't wait until we can pull that tube feed out. Last night it got clogged up and it took almost two hours to get it flowing again. You know how I did it? (the nurses shared this with me) I push Coke down the tube and let it set there for about 20 minutes (last night it took longer to work). It works the clog out, now doesn't that scare you a little bit if you're a coke drinker?

Coach and Donna came over tonight and caught Will up on all the teams' wins and losses. Then after they left, the Celtics played (just not very good) and Will watched the game. So once again Will's team is letting him down (remember the Dallas Cowboys ). Don't they know that Will is still recuperating and needs these wins to help?

Will did get a nice surprise tonight. His good, good friend, Katie (Martin) Lardy and Bella Rose, her brand new baby, called Will and visited with him for a while. Then we put the speaker phone on and we all got to listen to the baby make noises. How fun was that???

Tomorrow, Will and I will go in to dialysis around noon and I will maybe start some of my Christmas shopping while he's in there. Reminder: we're not having our Christmas until Will is a little stronger and our family can come down and spend it with us. I can't wait, so my tree stays up until then.

All day long I have been reminded over and over again how lucky (blessed is a better word) we are. I have had different women offering to help take care of us and people are wanting to help with all that we need to do. How touched I am and my heart is just as full as it can get with love for you all. Thank you just doesn't cut it.

God bless

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Gina said...

Congratulations!! Will, it is SO GOOD to see you home. You look fantastic! That is a great pic of the whole family :)