Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Jan 13, 2009 Tuesday

Will is doing so much better. He had physical therapy today and Kevin (PT) just couldn't believe the strides Will is making. He's walking so much more steady and for longer periods of time. He gave him some exercises to strengthen his core muscles and so we will work with him on those. He's enjoying just hanging out with Angel and Aaron and sitting in his recliner with his cat. I just enjoy watching him do all that.

It looks like most of the snow has melted in the last two days. So that probably means more snow soon. Heaven knows we need it.

I don't have much to write about today, it's harder when I'm not with him. Tomorrow he goes in to dialysis and we should get more information on his diet. We need clarification on the dialysis diet with a diabetes diet. His blood sugars are still so crazy. If anyone has any good ideas, just let us know. We do have a nutritionist at the dialysis clinic so we should get lots of help there.

God bless


Miss W said...

Terri - I look at your posting as progress. Things are looking up so much that there is little to write about. We praise God that Will is doing so well and your posts are short!

Will - Way to go. It is such a blessing to hear that you are doing so well at home. I'm sure that Bella loves having her buddy back. Keep setting and crushing those goals.


Haneys said...

Almost 10days at home now! Glad to see progress is being made and the home is complete once again. We are hoping to make a visit soon, but want to make sure all is right first. If he has dialysis on Sat, how does he usually feel Sun? We'll wait until the nutritionist helps with the blood sugar levels and he feels more regular. Just wanted to extend all our love until then!

Jessica said...

Keep up the great work Will! I'm sure you are glad to be back home.. comfy, cozy in your chair! Can't tell you how bummed I was to miss your homecoming... but guess I can be relieved that you will be there now for mine.
We hope to spend the summer in Idaho, if Martin can find a summer job up there. So pray that all will work out!
It would be great just to relax and spend some time with all of you. The kids are growing up so much... way too fast, of course!
My offer still stands for your travel to Florida... I think that's a great goal now that you are home!
Hugs and kisses to all,