Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Jan. 27, 2009 Tuesday

Wow, I woke up to a present this morning. A SNOW DAY!!! It was great, but speaking as a teacher, it is really tough to get all the lessons in that we need to during the year---so every snow day really crunches us. But all in all, it was still great. I was able to get a few more things unpacked.

Will had another first today, he went and got his hair cut! Chandra is at the Haven here in Hagerman and she had been cutting Will's hair before he went to Salt Lake. So he was pretty excited about getting back there. She gives great head rubs, maybe just to him, I don't know. That was probably the most relaxed he's been in a long time. He's planning a trip back really soon. Besides, she's so fun to be around. So he had a good time.


Then after that we went to talk to the diabetic specialist. She changed a few things around and we will try that for a week and see if it can help get his blood stable. She did help somewhat but the big thing is the renal (kidney) diet.

Our good friend Carol Ainsworth had dinner here right after we got back from the visit to the hospital. What great timing that was. The ribs were out of this world--sorry about bragging but, darn, they were really, really good.

My mother was here just as we got home. It was so great to see her out of the hospital and she's doing so much better. Just a little speech problem and that's all. She will be staying with us for a few days or a week or two, whatever it takes to get us able to know she will be okay by herself.

Tomorrow Will will have dialysis so he won't be feeling very good.

But tomorrow he needs to feel good because it's his sister's birthday on Wednesday. Yes, Angel turns 27, boy I sure hope she doesn't mind everyone knowing that. If she does, just pretend you don't know. Our niece, Magan, turns 27 also that day.

GOD BLESS THE BIRTHDAY GIRLS and God bless our friends and family


Haneys said...

Thanks, I'll be thinking of you guys and hoping you enjoy Angels birthday celebration!

Jessica said...

Great pictures... Terri why do you have to make me miss everyone SO much?!?
Chandra you look great! Bobby is a lucky guy.
I'm sure your kids are getting big... Hope all is well!

Will... your hair looks great! I'm a little jealous of the head rub, but I did get a massage yesterday which was nice!