Wednesday, January 28, 2009

jAN. 28, 2009 WEDNESDAY

27 years ago, I held a perfect little girl in my arms and just knew I was the luckiest mom around. I still think that. Your dad and I wish you all the happiness in the world, Angel!
Now with that said, Will's day was good at all. He was over-the-top ready for dialysis. His oxygen has been running around 2-4 liters but today he needed 7 liters. That's just not good for him. He just feels lousy. But they were able to get off 4 liters and he's breathing so much better. So tonight and tomorrow he will be in good shape. We will keep working with his diet more. His phosphorous level is going down, which is a good thing. It means that we are doing something right.
We are looking forward to the birthday party. I know Angel is pretty excited about this birthday. She's got a wonderful husband and her brother is home. She's feeling good about life lately.
Also; we want to wish our niece, Maegan, a wonderful wonderful birthday. Meg-you deserve everything great because of who you are. You're a caring, beautiful young woman and we love you lots. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU, HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR MAEGAN, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOOOOOOOOOOOOOOU! Now pretend that Celine Dion is singing to you (because that's what my voice sounds like---no really, really- you can quit laughing now, it really does sound like that in my head). I will make a cake for Angel and everything.
God bless


Dixie said...

I hope you have a wonderful birthday. You are a wonderful person and I'm glad Will gets to celebarate with you at home this year.
You amaze me every time I read your blog. Keep up the amazing work. It will not belong before you are running up and down the halls at your home chasing Candace.

Dixie and James

bug said...

Happy Birthday Angel! I can't believe you are so old...Cali says to wish you a happy day and that she loves you. She hopes you have a good time with the party.
Enjoy your time with everyone.
We love you.

Jessica said...

Happy birthday Angel! My friend Tara, had her second little girl today and name her Adilyn Grace! She is a doll... teeny tiny!
Hope you had an awesome day!

Haneys said...

Well, other ballad compares! I love the pictures of the birthday girl and family. One of these days we should combine the celebration again...that was always so fun! I hope you all know how much we love you right back...we think of you often and pray for you nightly. Glad to hear Grandma is having a smooth recovery, we'll thank God for listening:)
Have a great weekend together!