Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Wed. Jan 14, 2009

Merry Christmas from the Harbisons and the Beutlers

No we still haven't had our Christmas yet. I still haven't had a chance to shop and the reason is that reports cards were due this week. I won't even go into how far behind I was because of our little stay in Salt Lake City. But they are completed now and I will have time to shop. Watch out, here I come. We still don't know when we will celebrate Christmas but it will be soon.

This picture is of our family tradition of putting the angel on the tree. Will and Angel have put it up there for all their lives and now Aaron is rightfully right along side of them since he's our new family member (his first Christmas with the Harbisons' traditions). I don't know which one put angel on crooked but it's up there.

Will wasn't feeling too well since dialysis was today but he wanted to get the angel on. You can kind of tell by the picture that he wasn't feeling well. They were able to pull 2 1/2 liters of fluid off. We did talk to them about the little bit of fluid they allow him to drink. Will didn't think that was fair. He understands they have to take away the Pepsi, but only allowing him 8 drink in a day was a little harsh. So we do have that fixed now. He can have about 6 cups a day. Good compromise so maybe that is his Christmas gift (just kidding) but Will still won't give me an idea of what he would like Santa to bring him.

Wednesday will be a good day. Hopefully he will get in a full routine of exercises and he can just relax. We had a wonderful, super, fantastic meal brought over by my Aunt Gloria and Uncle Bill. They even remembered the olives. Thanks for the food!

God bless

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Somer Love said...

The crooked angel made me laugh a bit...

Will I am on a mission to find you pepsi chapstick they have Dr pepper I know but I am trying to find a Pepsi.