Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Here is Will just visiting with two of his favorite people, Coach and his brother, Brent. He really loves the recliners.
Above is Will eating his second bowl of some real good potatoes with roast that our good friends the Jesters brought over. Notice who can't take her eyes off from Will. Bella is so happy to have him home (not as happy as his family though) His appetite is really coming back quickly. We are keeping him off the tube feed for most of the day and then running it at night. The food is starting to taste better to him. He's going to start bulking up real soon.

Tomorrow Will goes to dialysis for the first time in Twin Falls. I will take the day off so Tom and I can both go there and meet everyone. I'm sure they will have a bunch of questions for Will also. This is a brand new facility and I will have pictures up for people to see. His home health nurse and physical therapist are coming over on Wednesday because the roads were so bad today and tomorrow we will be at dialysis. That will be nice to meet these new people. While Will is doing dialysis we will do a few errands and go to get me a new phone, thank heavens. I am so lost without my own phone.

So I was the first one at school this morning and the roads were so awful. Another teacher drove up right after me and told me he just got a call and the school needed to call a snow day because our buses were stuck in the terrible drifts. Well no one got the call until late so we had kids showing up (we sent them right back home) and other teachers. We all decided not to try the roads to go back home until it was daylight and the road crews had a chance to clean them up. . So I got to spend a few hours in my classroom. I'm sure the kids are going to be a little wild tomorrow. I will go in for a few hours to try to get them back in the swing of things, besides I miss them like crazy.

Will's throat is still sore when he talks a lot so tonight when he had company he didn't talk much but everyone understands. Christi, Will says he will talk to you tomorrow, he promises. He was tired. So I'm still thinking that I'm dreaming and any minute now someone will come along and wake me up and Will won't be sleeping in his own bed. It was so wonderful to have all five of us in our house at the same time. I am still on cloud nine and so is Will.


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Susan said...

Harbisons, welcome,welcome,welcome home! It is great to look over your way and know you are back. Roger and Susan